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 Simorgh ~ Wing

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New Member
New Member

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PostSubject: Simorgh ~ Wing   Wed Dec 22, 2010 6:07 am

Here is my new made deck


Ok, firstly, iam just wanna say that i like draw very much. Draw is an important act for this card game, so i usually run so many draw engine in my deck. In this deck, i put 3 type of draw engine >> Its CArds for black feathers, Allure of Darkness, and >> Tadaa : "Sacred Crane"... That light attribute winged beast is so shiny in this deck >> It can be special summoned easily by Swallow nest (Shura as fodder after its destroy a monster is very good timinng for activate this card and summoning Sacred Crane, so u can draw 1 as substituted of its quick spell itself)... and for another good advantage is tributing Dragunity Dark Spear by its effect to summon sacred crane card from grave which means allow u to create 2 playable card from 1 card, xD..
And because of this deck will be swarm so many Dark Monsters with 2000 or more attack, it can be used for Devastating Virus's fodder.
In this deck, i run 2 Dark Simorgh also for another finishing as that tittle say^^


3 X Shura
2 x Dark Simorgh
2 x Sacred Crane (Draw engine)
3 x Dragunity DarkSpear (Wind)
2 x Vayu
2 X Kalut
2 X Sirroco (Virus Fodder)
1 X Gale
2 X Shield Wing (Wind Defense Card)
2 X Blizzard North
1 X Armageddon Knight (Dark Dump engine)
1 X Doomsday Horror (Return my Vayu please ! xD)


2 X Cards For BlackFeathers
1 X Allure of DArkness
1 X Dark Hole
2 x Lightning Vortex
2 X Swallow Nest
1 X Black Feathers (Limited card, forgot the name, xD)


2 x Deck Devastating Virus
1 x Mirror Force
2 X Icarus Attack

Any fix, rate and suggestion are welcomed for this Noobish deck...:D
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zettaisha seigi
zettaisha seigi

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PostSubject: Re: Simorgh ~ Wing   Wed Dec 22, 2010 6:55 am

-1 Deck Deva Virus + 1 Icarus attack. You have only 2 targets for it. Keep it in side for quickdraw opponents.

-2 swallow nest . not a good card. +2 pot of duality to search for good cards.

-2 lightning vortex. bad card, dark hole is enough.
-1 Sacred Crane
+1 monster reborn
+1 Solemn judgment
+1 Torrential Tribute/Solemn Warning
-2 Shield Wing
+2 Bottomless Trap Hole

-1 Cards for Black Feathers. Overkill in my opinion you don't need that much.
-1 Armaggedon Knight + 1 foolish burial , it is much more faster
+2 Flying Karakuri #1

-1 Vayu
-1 Doomsday Horror
+2 D.D. Crow

Achievements :
Winner of Official Kaiba Corp Tournament (KC)
Winner of Battle of the Demigods V2 (KC)
Winner of Attribute Tournament (TDA)
Winner of Det's Shadow Tour (TDA)
2nd Place of Tag Team Tournament (TDA)
3rd Place of Teh Tournamento (TDA)
3rd Place in DA's YCS (DA)
Winner of 1 KC Live - (107)

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New Member
New Member

Posts : 88
Join date : 2010-12-11
Location : Atlantis The True Paradise

PostSubject: Re: Simorgh ~ Wing   Wed Dec 22, 2010 7:04 am

Remember : All black wings syncro summoned by vayu are all dark. Sirroco is 2000 attack, xD ... So it means 6 target at least for virus
i ll take your suggest for this :
- 2 shield wing
+ 2 flying karakuri.

Vortex is good for dump engine vayu, or crane...

Thanks vem123 :D
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Location : United States

PostSubject: Re: Simorgh ~ Wing   Wed Dec 22, 2010 8:34 am

HeY Tyann, good to see you in SDA :). I'm going to have to back Vem up on this one, Lightning Vortex isn't bad, but totally uneeded now that Dark Hole is back. And you wouldn't want to run more than 1 even if it wasn't. Cards for Black Feathers is okay at 1, 2 is overkill, you need monsters at some point xD, and you need staples. I know you like Sacred Crane and Swallow Nest but it's just not a good or consistent engine honestly. Take out the whole engine. Dragunity Darkspear on the other hand was a genius tech. Imagine reusing Gale multiple times! I actually reall like Shield Wing, he's more useful than you would think, but Kamakiri is better. DDV should only hve 1 mained and 1 sided for QuickDraw, also Icarus Attack is broken at 3. Here's what I would do:
Simorgh wing
       Monsters: (20)
Dark simorgh x2
Blackwing - sirocco the dawn x2
Blackwing - vayu the emblem of honor x2
Blackwing - blizzard the far north c2
Blackwing - shura the blue flame x3
Blackwing - gale the whirlwind
Blackwing - kalut the moon shadow x2
Dragunity darkspear x3
Flyig kamakiri #1 x2
Shield wing
       Spells: (10)
Monster reborn
Dark hole
Mystical space typhoon
Book of moon x2
Allure of darkness
Cards for black feathers
Pot of duality x2
Black whirlwind
       Traps: (10)
Mirror force
Bottomless trap hole x2
Torrential tribute
Solemn judgement
Icarus attack x3
Deck devastation virus
Trap stun

you can take out mst for another tech like Solemn Warning or RFTDD, I just like MST haha. Hope this helps
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PostSubject: Re: Simorgh ~ Wing   

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Simorgh ~ Wing
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