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 Yu-Gi-Oh! Call of the Match Winners ~ Summary (The Story So Far)

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PostSubject: Yu-Gi-Oh! Call of the Match Winners ~ Summary (The Story So Far)   Fri Dec 24, 2010 4:23 am

I decided to write a summary of my fan-fiction story from chapter 1 to 24 for the new members of the academy or people who have not read the story.

A man, after winning a poker game, is hunted by his furious opponents seek revenge. After having a duel, the man hides his most precious objects knowing that his enemies will attempt to steal it.

Some years later a boy named Vem finds the object on his way home from the academy. It is revealed to be a unique card named Cimaera, Master of Beasts. Not knowing anything about it, Vem pays a visit to one of his friend Iverson to gather information who, later, is being attacked buy hunters, destroying his apartment.

During a tournament (which is later revealed to be a hoax), the card is stolen by hunters riding hoverboards. One of Vem's friend attempts to get the card back but fails, breaking his leg. Redgar, a member of the team and friend of Vem, begins to change due to a mysterious card given to him by a duelist in the tournament as a "token of graditute".

Later, on a festival, the team is attacked for a third time by the same hunters, revealed to be henchmen of a sinister man. After having a duel face to face, the hunters lose the duel and the team gets back their card, but there is still one more card to get back from the sinister villain, Lorelei, the Symphonic Arsenal.

On the same night, one member of the team is shot in the hand during a duel, being killed. Policemen inform the team of what has happend and give them an unussual card found at the scene of crime: Ariadne of the Royal Family, an act which leaves the heroes with multiple questions.

Later, while sitting on a cafe bar the team is visited by a mysterious but familiar man. Vem plans on dueling him for answers.

Characters so far:

  • Vem
  • Iverson
  • Terraplant
  • Redgar
  • Mysterious (deceased)
  • Shock
  • Taylor
  • Harper
  • Lily
  • Sinakis
  • Winduct
  • Stef

Won 2 SDA Annual Awards . Another 18 wins and 30 nominations

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zettaisha seigi
zettaisha seigi

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PostSubject: Re: Yu-Gi-Oh! Call of the Match Winners ~ Summary (The Story So Far)   Sat Dec 25, 2010 8:55 am

Nice, i liked that you didn't make it long. It's a good sum up and it reminds me of what happened in your story.
I am waiting for the new chapter 🎅

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Call of the Match Winners ~ Summary (The Story So Far)
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