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 The DGA Chronicles Season 2: War Of The Kings - Chapter 8: The Twilit King

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PostSubject: The DGA Chronicles Season 2: War Of The Kings - Chapter 8: The Twilit King   Sat Feb 26, 2011 8:55 pm

First topic message reminder :

The DGA Chronicles Season 2: War Of The Kings - Introduction

He opened his eyes. He was laying on a bed, inside some small, dimly-lit room with gray walls. Where WAS he? It wasn't anywhere he had ever seen before...or was it? Had he been there before? Suddenly, he couldn't think of ANYwhere he had been before.

???: " I?"

Suddenly, he grabbed his head and dropped to his knees in pain as memories rushed back...and he remembered.


Flames burned everywhere. He was inside a burning castle. People were running around in a panic, women screamed, and even the silver-armored knights of the castle ran before his might. He was wielding a wicked-looking curved sword and was hacking through knight after knight whether they were in his way or not. None stood before his power. Soon, he made his way to the courtyard of the castle.
A young man in armor waited for him there. He was obviously the master of the castle, perhaps a prince of some sort.

Prince: "Your reign of terror ends here Chaosking! Prepare to die!"

He drew his mighty, shining sword and rushed at Chaosking. Chaosking met his first sword strike with a mere raising of his wrist and they clashed fiercely. The Prince rained down blow after blow on him but Chaosking was clearly the better swordsman of the two: he evaded most strikes and parried the others. The Prince jabbed with his sword and Chaosking deflected it down and struck the Prince full force with the flat of his blade and followed up with a vicious kick that disarmed him and sent his sword flying.
The Prince staggered away in pain. He took a deep breath, and seemed to be concentrating on somethng. He extended his hand, and it began to glow white with power. He muttered incantations in a strange language, and a knight in red and blue armor appeared in a flash of light.

Prince: "I summon Gaia, The Fierce Knight! Gaia, pierce him with your mighty lance!"

The knight charged at Chaosking, and in response, Chaosking surged with dark power. He extended his arms and a chaotic black sphere appeared in the middle of the courtyard. Out of the sphere came a vicious-looking demon with burning arms.

Chaosking: "Destroy him!!!"

The demon slashed right through Gaia, lance, horse and all, and cut the Prince in half too.

The Present:

Chaosking: "AAUGGH!"

He still held his head in his hands. That WASN'T who he was! It couldn't be! But the memories didn't lie, that really HAD happened. He knew it had, somehow. But...was he really Chaosking? There was something else...some kind of foreign feeling or...
He grabbed his head again as more memories returned.


Yuri: "Attention duelists! We have a new member today, please welcome Harper to DUA!"

Harper stood up and everyone clapped. He sat back down when they were done.

Yuri: "Harper, we've thought a lot about your rank. We decided to place you in... Stardust Blue!!!! Congratulations!!!!"

Everybody clapped even more this time, but Harper just sat there stunned. He couldn't believe he'd actually made it.

Yuri: "Mr. Harper made 100% on the written test, and managed to beat our very own Vongola-x in one of the test duels!

Everyone cheered yet again.

Yuri: "Vongola, you may speak."
Vongola: "Congratulations Harper. I must say you dueled pathetically in the first duel, but improved after that. You have the knowledge, you just need experience, which we can give you. Please come up here and Tino will present you with a card.

Harper walked up the steps to the stage/table. Tino held out a card.
Tino: "Use it well."

It was Stardust Dragon.

The Present:

Was THAT him? He remembered that day just as clearly as the day with the Prince. It was just so confusing. Harper/Chaosking decided to leave the room. He was in a dark and quiet hallway, evidently he was in some sort of large building. He walked down some stairs, and out two huge double doors. It was nighttime outside, and he could see that he was in a city...somewhere. Harper/Chaosking saw an empty road leading further into the city. He knew he needed to leave...there was no way he could be around people in his condition.

???: "I wouldn't go too far if I were you."

Harper/Chaosking whipped around to see who had spoken. It was a tall man in a black cloak. The cloak had a hood that was thrown back, but the man wore a black mask with red markings that obscured his identity.

Harper/Chaosking: "Who're you?"
Masked Man: "Who am I? Perhaps I should be asking the same thing about you. Who ARE you anyway?"

Harper/Chaosking swallowed hard and clenched his fist.

Harper/Chaosking: "I...don't know."
Masked Man: "Haha! Hahahahahaha! Of course you don't."
Harper/Chaosking: "Why? Why don't I know who I am?!"
Masked Man: "I'm not sure you would believe me if I told you."

Harper/Chaosking looked hard at him, and he spoke in a low, dangerous voice.

Harper/Chaosking: "Tell me the truth. And tell me now."

The masked man looked him up and down. He seemed to make a decision, and he took off one of his black gloves and rolled up the sleeve of his cloak to reveal a bronze bracelet on his arm. Harper/Chaosking's eyes widened.

Harper/Chaosking: "That object...I know it from somewhere."

He looked at his own wrist. He was wearing an identical bracelet. It even had the same strange markings.

Masked Man: "Listen to me. I can help you. I know you don't trust me because you don't know me. But you don't know ANYONE right now, so what do you have to lose, really?"

Harper/Chaosking hung his head and was silent for several minutes. When he finally spoke, his voice broke.

Harper/Chaosking: "Nothing...I suppose."

The man nodded.

Masked Man: "Give me your hand."

Harper/Chaosking extended the hand with the bronze bracelet and the masked man grasped his hand in his. The twin bracelets began to glow with power.
Without warning, there was an explosion of purple fire that lit Harper/Chaosking up. He screamed with unimaginable pain, and he dropped to his knees again. The masked man continued to grasp his hand despite the flames that raged around them. The bracelets glowed even brighter, the flames burned brighter, and hotter, and higher and then...
Suddenly, he was free. He fell on his back and took a deep breath. Finally, he remembered everything. His name was Harper: he had been possesed by the demon Chaosking. Yet Harper could barely feel the demon's presence any more. There was no longer a contant struggle for supremacy inside him. Harper looked wonderingly up at the stranger.

Harper: "W...who...who ARE you?"
Masked Man: "Someone from the dark. That's all you need to know."

The Masked Man took out a card from his pocket and handed it to Harper. Harper looked at it. The card was completely white and blank.

Harper: "What's this supposed to be?"
Masked Man: "It's 'supposed to be' YOU. Symbolically of course. Right now, you are unsure of your destiny. In time, this card will reveal to you the true nature of your soul. Keep it for now."

Harper took it, but sighed.

Harper: "I do remember what happened now. I might even learn to control Chaosking after a while. But I doubt I'll ever know who I TRULY am."

The stranger shifted his weight from foot to foot, as if considering something.

Masked Man: "You know...sometimes the best way to win a struggle is to not fight."
Harper: "Why are there so many riddles with you?"
Masked Man: "Someday it will all become clear. But for now, I must go: and YOU must forget."

He snapped his fingers, and a dark aura surrounded Harper. Harper blinked in surprise, and then dropped unconcious onto the front porch of DGA.

Next Time - Chapter 1: Dueling Genesis Academy

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PostSubject: Re: The DGA Chronicles Season 2: War Of The Kings - Chapter 8: The Twilit King   Fri Apr 29, 2011 12:21 pm

quite the chapter here again, nicely done bro. Only one thing lol, I thought TDP woul get some lines, but I guess you are saving the best for last .. lmao.

Anyway awesome work again.
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PostSubject: Re: The DGA Chronicles Season 2: War Of The Kings - Chapter 8: The Twilit King   Fri Apr 29, 2011 2:30 pm

Hey, I still read this. In fact that was the first thing I did as soon as I loged in. That was a FANTASTIC chapter. I really enjoyed the story of the lightlords. Just KIU and do it soon :P
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PostSubject: Re: The DGA Chronicles Season 2: War Of The Kings - Chapter 8: The Twilit King   Sat Apr 30, 2011 3:12 am

Epic story about the light lords harpy ( sacrifice 4 light lords to sumon JD ... EPIC ) ! your story is just AMAZING :) Hope I will get some action soon tho :)
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PostSubject: Re: The DGA Chronicles Season 2: War Of The Kings - Chapter 8: The Twilit King   Sun May 01, 2011 5:25 am

Wow...Harper keep this up! I had to read it some days later than you posted it because I lacked the time, and it turned out to be awesome! Can't wait to see the rest of it...twilight king ;P


The more deadly the lake monster, the shorter the tale.
Right... He was judging his sanity off the reaction of a Duel Monster
Spirit that only HE could see... That made PERFECT sense.
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PostSubject: Re: The DGA Chronicles Season 2: War Of The Kings - Chapter 8: The Twilit King   Sun May 01, 2011 7:49 am

I just read the last two chapters and it took me alot of time. I don't know about everyone else but I think your chapters are huge. Anyway, this doesn't effect anything, it just takes alot of time to read them. I liked the last chapter the most. The story was impressive, did you come up with that on your own? Pretty good story. Kinda reminds me of 5Ds but it has it's own unique parts. Looking forward to some action too. I don't like the names of the characters at all but I understand they are names from members of other academies correct?

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PostSubject: Re: The DGA Chronicles Season 2: War Of The Kings - Chapter 8: The Twilit King   Tue May 10, 2011 7:41 pm

Tdp: thanks, and don't worry, you are coming up next. spoiler alert if you want to know more:
ace: thanks man :)
scorp: glad you like it so much, this was one of my favorite parts to write. And like tdp, your time is coming soon ;)
sin:Thanks, I will definately Keep writing until season 2 is over
winduct: thanks, glad u like it. It is long, but idk. When I write a chapter I want to complete a thought more or less. I don't write them often enough to write little bits and pieces. I will consider writing shorter ones but idk. And ofc I wrote it myself, I never copy people :P

The DGA Chronicles Season 2: War Of The Kings - Chapter 8: The Twilit King

Harper sat in stunned silence for several seconds.

Harper: "I'm both? How is that possible? Why would Chaosking choose a Lightlord for a host?! Or why would the relic choose someone infested with a demon?!"

Despite the tension in the air and the weight of what he had just said, DJD still seemed perfectly at ease.

DJD: "I'm afraid I don't have the answer to those questions. I don't know how or why you are both Light and Dark. But the fact is: you ARE both."

Harper let out a frustrated sigh, and held his head in his hands.

Harper: "How long can I stay like this? Will one of the sides eventually take over completely?"
DJD: "Again, I don't know for sure. But from my observations, it would seem as if you somehow have control of the powers raging within your body. You choose which powers to use, and when."
Harper: "Your observations are wrong then. It's all I can do to even attempt to control them. I almost killed Deathcoder remember?"

At this, DJD actually smiled.

DJD: "But you didn't kill Deathcoder. You will find that it takes much practice to channel even one power. It takes hard work and a lot of training: training that you haven't even begun yet. Yet you are still able to control two powers to a point, even without any practice."
Harper: "So what you're saying is, if I am taught how, I can control the different powers?"

DJD nodded.

Harper: "But who can teach me that?"
DJD: "I can. I'm the leader of the Lightlords, remember? I taught Frost, Shock, and Blaze how to channel their powers, and it will be no different for you."
Harper: "But it will be different. The others don't have to harness dark powers as well as light powers. I don't suppose you know how to channel dark powers too?"

DJD took a while to select his words carefully before he answered.

DJD: "I don't pretend to be an expert about dark power. I'm sure it is more chaotic and more unpredictable than light. But you have several things working for you. First, you are in control right now, not Chaosking. Tino defeated him, and someone has tried to seal him. Chaosking is a Demon King, he cannot be fully sealed like other demons. However, his loss and the seal still weakened him a lot, so for now he can only stir from time to time. Second, you will receive training on how to harness your light powers. As I already said, I don't assume that the methods of controlling light and dark will be the same, I don't even assume that they will be similar. But they might be similar, and if they are, what you learn from me will help you control what I cannot: the darkness. Even if the methods of using light and dark are not similar, the light will help you improve mental toughness, which can only help. Third, as the light grows stronger, the dark will probably grow weaker. I don't think that your light powers will ever kill Chaosking, but it should give you more leverage over him."

Harper was silent for some time.

Harper: "So...are you sure those factors will help?"
DJD: "No, I'm not. I'm not sure you can control light and dark. Perhaps the attempt to do so will destroy you. All I can do is assemble the facts and make an educated guess. However, all the little facts point to a positive result. We're taking a great risk with you, but I think you could be a key factor in the coming conflict."
Harper: "What is the coming conflict? What's going on?"
DJD: "As you may have heard, New Domino City is being overrun by duel gangs. COD, EX, FE, many more. What used to be simple team rivalry has turned into a gang war. But the worst part of it is COD."
Harper: "What does COD stand for?"
DJD: "Children Of Darkness."

Harper blinked, unsurprised. Those idiots were always interfering in his life, it only made sense that they were here in New Domino City too.

Harper: "I don't suppose they're affiliated with The Children Of The Dark are they?"

DJD apparenty missed his sarcasm.

DJD: "Harper, they are The Children Of The Dark. Lately, they've been more active than ever before."
Harper: "Why? What do they have to gain by putting themselves in the spotlight?"
DJD: "That, my friend, has a very complicated answer."

He sighed.

DJD: "Harper, you know that this isn't the only world there is."
Harper: "I know, Pseudospace is just a virtual world. There's a real one too."
DJD: "I mean even outside of that. There's the Shadow Realm, the Spirit World, and many more. In small ways, the different dimensions have always been connected. It wasn't easy, but some found passages in between that allowed them to travel to different dimensions. Demons particularly have found a way out of the Shadow Realm every few centuries. Even the Demon Kings have made it out upon occasion, and there was a Lightlord or another hero there to stop them. It's a constant cycle: every once in a while, darkness will arrive to upset the balance of light and dark, and the light will win and bring it back into balance. Naturally, it gets very tiring to always have to save the world. But for a long time now, the Aurkites have seen no need to save the world. Those small connections between dimensions don't apply to a computer program, so here we have been in Pseudospace, safe from darkness. So, the Aurkites have witheld the Lightlord Relics from their possible users because the Lightlords were uneeded. Instead of having one relic and one Lightlord at a time, the Aurkites planned to hide away the relics until all five could be used at once to crush darkness once and for all."
Harper: "Then why use all of them now? We're supposedly safe here, so why waste years worth of saving the relics?"
DJD: "Because we're not safe. Not anymore. This is difficult to explain, because I do not yet know what's causing it, but: the dimensions are starting to fuse. They're somehow even combining with Pseudospace, even though that should be impossible. Slowly, certain parts of the world are being connected to other worlds. The site of DUA, for example, is connected to the Shadow Realm. We fear that the Children Of Darkness will be able to use areas like that to their advantage...they want to bring back not just Chaosking, but all five Demon Kings."

They were both silent for a while. Harper tried to imagine the chaos that would ensue if there were five Chaoskings running around unchecked. DJD seemed to be reading his thoughts.

DJD: "Disastrous, isn't it?"
Harper: "Well...what can we do about it?"
DJD: "We're doing our best to crush the Children Of Darkness, with them gone that will help quite a bit and lessen the chance for them to free the Demon Kings. But if they succeed in freeing the Demon Kings...we have no choice but to fight like the universe depends on our success. Because it will."
Harper: "Cheerful thought..."

DJD smiled warmly at him.

DJD: "The relics didn't choose us for no reason. There will be fighting. But we'll do it together, and we'll win. We must."

Harper nodded absently. At length, he asked the question that had been bothering him for some time.

Harper: "So, these light powers: what do they do?"
DJD: "Well as I'm sure you've found out, you have the ability to heal abnormally fast. Light magic is by nature more defensive, so your strongest power lies in shielding and healing others and yourself. But light can be used offensively also. After you practice with it long enough, light can be even more destructive than the darkness. But I would advise you to be careful. Wanting to be aggressive may instead trigger Chaosking's powers."
Harper: "Interesting."

DJD stood up and spread out his hands.

DJD: "So Harper, I've told you what I know, now I need you to tell me something: will you join the Lightlords and fight for good?"

Harper could still feel Chaosking inside of him. He knew that no matter how much he trained to fight with light, the darkness would always be waiting. But for the first time, he had hope that he could be able to choose what his destiny was. He had the possibility to control those powers, to no longer have his friends fear him. He no longer had to fear himself. He could make up for his mistakes by fighting darkness instead of being consumed by it.

Harper: "I accept."


Scorpion stood on top of a skyscraper in New Domino City. He had changed out of his Administrator uniform, and now wore his DLKz uniform. The DLK uniform consisted of two parts: normal clothes and something that looked like armor. Scorpion wore gray clothes, and then over that there were pieces of futuristic armor. The "armor" itself made of an extremely durable material that was as light and as thin as plastic. Scorpion wore a bullet-proof vest that covered his shoulders and went down just below his waist. He also had shin guards, forearm guards, and shoes made of the same "armor" material. All pieces of the "armor" were a brownish-orange color.
Scorpion absently scratched at his neck. He still wore the white hanckerchief around his neck. For some reason, he had worn it since he had returned from DUA, and he never took it off.
Scorpion had told Vongola that he had come to check on Harper. What he hadn't told Vongola was that he was going to meet up with the leader of the Children Of Darkness.
As if on cue, a shadowy portal appeared behind Scorpion, and a man walked out. The man wore a black cloak like the rest of the Children, but he wore a black mask with red markings over his face.

Scorpion: "You took your time."
COD Leader: "I apologize, lord. The Children are involved in many small-scale conflicts with other gangs, and I wanted to sort them out first."
Scorpion: "Apology accepted. Are you ready to carry out your plan?"
COD Leader: "Did you summon the other members of the Delta Knights?"
Scorpion: "Yes. I told them to meet me at the abandoned Duel Dome downtown in an hour."
COD Leader: "The old dome used by the CR gang?"

Scorpion barely cracked a hint of a smile.

Scorpion: "The one that used to be used by CR. They're dead now."

The leader nodded absently. He didn't really care whether CR lived or died, just as long as no one had made a fuss about it. Besides, Scorpion seemed to have enjoyed killing them.

Scorpion: "The DLKz sure will be surprised to see you."

The man smiled, and then removed his mask. He stared off with Scorp at New Domino City below them.

COD Leader: "Yes, I'm sure they will be."


DJD smiled and shook hands with Harper.

DJD: "It's good to have you on the right side."
Harper: "It's good to finally be able to be on the right side. So what's our plan?"
DJD: "There are many warring factions in this city. They fight for control over certain 'turf' in the city, but as much as they seem like gangs, they are dueling teams. If there was a gigantic tournament hosted here in New Domino City, they couldn't help but join."
Harper: "Surely we can't make them join."
DJD: "Certainly not, but they will come nonetheless. Most will want to prove themselves, and those who don't enter will be looked on as weakligs and cowards. Other duel teams will try to push them around more and encroach on their territory. No, if they want to keep their turf they will enter. We'll host a tournament as big as the original Seto Kaiba's Battle City tournament, with the same rules, except for one thing: each duelist is also part of a dueling team, and every time they win, it also counts as a win for their team. The top ranked duel team at the end of the tournements will also receive a prize as well as the individual duelist who wins it all."
Harper: "That sounds awesome, but what's the point?"
DJD: "It will draw out the COD. We don't know where they base their operations, and even if we found it there would still be Children scattered around the city. But if their whole team is forced to join the tournament...think about it. We will have every Child Of Darkness registered by name. We'll know their dueling information, where they live, their backround. All that would remain is to figure out who on the list is and isn't a member of COD, and that shouldn't be too hard. Also if the Demon Kings are freed, they too will join this tournament...but since the tournament is so long, we will probably pick them off one by one. I doubt that the remaining four can come all at once from the Shadow Realm."

Harper rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

Harper: "I see. So all of the Aurkites and Lightlords are going to enter this Battle City Tournament?"
DJD: "Yes."
Harper: "Well there's one slight problem: I don't have a deck. My Flamecat deck was lost when I lost to the Shadow Duelist named Shadowdawn, and the Underworld deck was lost when I was defeated by Tino. I've got nothing left."
DJD: "No need to worry. TDA has the biggest selection of cards of any academy in the world. I can hook you up with whatever you need."
Harper: "Really?! That's great!"
DJD: "In fact, I have a few special cards for you."

He opened a drawer in his desk, and took out a rectangular box with hinges. He opened the lid, and Harper saw three identical cards inside of the box.

Harper picked one up. The Sorcerer held darkness in one hand, and light in the other. His effect was indeed a powerful one.

DJD: "These cards are extremely rare. I'm giving them to you, they seem to reflect your personality...perhaps you can build a deck around them."

Harper stared at the card, and oddly enough, Chaos Sorcerer seemed to stare right back at him.

Harper: "Yes...thank you DJD. For everything."
DJD: "Thank you. Go ahead down to the card shop, they should be waiting for you there."
Harper: "Okay, cya."


Scorpion's watch went off.
*BeepBeep!* *BeepBeep!* *BeepBeep!*

COD Leader: "It's time."

In response, Scorpion grabbed the other man's arm, and they were both swallowed in a mass insurgence of darkness.

Next Time - Chapter 9: The Door To Darkness
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PostSubject: Re: The DGA Chronicles Season 2: War Of The Kings - Chapter 8: The Twilit King   Wed May 11, 2011 7:32 am

I'm posting so you can see people are still following the story!
It's weird to have nothing new to say except that I was like "facefacefacefacefacefaceface" when the leader of COD removed his mask xD Didn't get any unfortunately xD


The more deadly the lake monster, the shorter the tale.
Right... He was judging his sanity off the reaction of a Duel Monster
Spirit that only HE could see... That made PERFECT sense.
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PostSubject: Re: The DGA Chronicles Season 2: War Of The Kings - Chapter 8: The Twilit King   

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The DGA Chronicles Season 2: War Of The Kings - Chapter 8: The Twilit King
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