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 CCOTW Winners:

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PostSubject: CCOTW Winners:   Thu Mar 22, 2012 2:38 pm

Week 48: The Dark Tower by Winduct

Week 47: Nike Goddes Of Victory by Sinakis

Week 46: Watchwolf of the Ice Barrier by Sinakis

Week 45: Owl Seraph(!) by Winduct

Week 44: Serene Grace-Soriin by Sinakis

Week 43: Lexivus The Soul Eater by Ace94

Week 42: Amazoness Pikemistress by Sinakis

Week 41: Fossil King Skullian by Sinakis

Week 40: Alien Marine Swordsman by Sinakis

Week 39: Ally Construction Unit by Ace94

Week 38: Lynna Pristess Of The Ice Barrier by Ace94

Week 37: Daigusto Divine Banner by Ace94

Week 36: Genex Gadjitron Dragon by Sinakis

Week 35: A Thanks Before The Suicide by Ace94

Week 34: XX-Saber Percival by Winduct

Week 33: Forneus-Marquis Of Darkness by Sinakis

Week 32: Arcane Crimson Enchanter by Sinakis

Week 31: Sibundo The Justice Samurai by Winduct

Week 30: Alien Gargantuan by Sinakis

Week 29: Gravekeeper's Vengeance by The Dutch Prince

Week 28: Mooryan Curry(Junk Chronicles) by Redgar

Week 27: Evil Muntant Mosquito by Vem

Week 26: Elemental Hero Tessla by Winduct

Week 25: The Evil Snowman by Terraplant

Week 24: God Of War-Ares by Sinakis

Week 23: Little Red Riding Hood by Sinakis

Week 22: Excalibur Zera by Winduct

Week 21: Revelation Archangel Gabriel by Sinakis

Week 20: Alien Egg by Terraplant

Week 19: Divine Wicked Knight,Iszathena by Yuri Bakura

Week 18: Evil Hero Paleos by Terraplant

Week 17: Junk Racer by Redgar

Week 16: Darkness Possesed Infernity Dwarf by Redgar

Week 15: De-Synchronizer by Winduct

Week 14: Eowa Lightsworn Kingdom by Winduct

Week 13: Steff The Ninja Renegade by Stef

Week 12: Lucifer Lightsworn Avenger by Terraplant

Week 11: The Duke Of Sleepy Hollow by Winduct

Week 10: Burning Rage Dragnarok by Winduct

Week 09: Darklord Kuriboh by Sinakis

Week 08: Genex Mercenary by Redgar

Week 07: ---

Week 06: Power Tool Dragon Assault Mode by Redgar

Week 05: Araneomorph Tarantula by Winduct

Week 04: Goddess Of Glance by Winduct

Week 03: Ancient Deepsea Dragon by Ace94

Week 02: Arcane Apprentice Jr. by Fouzman

Week 01: Toon Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon by Ace94


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CCOTW Winners:
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