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 Beginner's Guide to SDA:

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PostSubject: Beginner's Guide to SDA:   Fri Apr 06, 2012 7:47 am

Welcome back to SDA(Synchro Duel Academy) the academy of the future!

We were gone for a while but now we are back and running, better than ever!

So what changed and what remained the same?

First of all in your profile bar you will notice there are three new bars:

1) Experience
2) Credits
3) Duel Record

I will go ahead and explain each of them individually.

First of all EXPRERIENCE is required in order to join a Dorm. But to move forward I need to also explain what are the Dorms here. There are three dorms:

1st Dorm: Wurm Purple.

Everybody joins the Wurm Purple dorm after posting 5 times anywhere in the forum. It's the lowest dorm, the dorm that everyone starts from.

2nd Dorm: Goyo Red

The middle Dorm. You will need 1000 Experience points plus pass a test from one of our testers to join this Dorm.

3rd Dorm: Brionac Blue

The highest Dorm. Only elite duelists may enter this dorm. You need 2500 experience points plus pass a test from a tester to join the Brionac Blue Dorm.

Final Dorm: Exodia Golden

This is the Dorm were the best of the best enter. You can only get here by invite or by having 5000 experience points and win over a tester in a 2/3 match. The SDA War Team belongs to this dorm.


-If somebody fails a Rank Up test, no need to worry, you can re-take the test every 15 days!

So now that I've gone through the dorms explanation let me explain how you get experience:

1) Dueling in the Duel Arena. The fastest way to gain experience and have fun! Duel other members! You can use any dueling program you want as far as both players agree to it.

2) Participate in Tournaments. You will gain some experience(xp for short) by joining tournaments and even more xp by winning them

3) Participate/Win in competitions such as Duel Puzzles, Ruling Quizzes and generally competition that have to do with knowledge about the game.

That's only few of the many ways to get xp here in SDA :)

So now that I explained the experience part is time to explain what are the Credits. Credits are the money currency here in SDA and they also determine your Rank.

"Money Currency? You mean we can spend credits to buy stuff?"

Well of course you can, in the SDA Main Shop and in the Deck, GFX Shops.

The Main Shop allows you to buy these stuff:

- Name Change
- Dorm test
- Trade Credits with Experience
- Special Ranks
- Duel Record reset
- Special Xp/Credit multipliers for the arena(limited ammount of time)

"So yeah all these things sure sound interesting but where am I supposed to find Credits?"

Well that's easy. First of all you get credits for posting in this forum. Posting in certain areas worth more Credits than posting in others. For example you will get more Credits if you post a a Deck Discussion topic, than if you post in the Off Topic Section.

You also gain credits by dueling in the arena and participating in tournaments and also by competing in non-game related competitions such as Custom Card of The Week of Riddle Of The Week.

But despite being the money currecny here in SDA credits determine one more thing. Your rank. There are 4 individual achievable ranks:

1)Amateur - 500 Credits -

2) Intermidiate - 2000 Credts -

3) Expirienced - 5000 Credits -

4) Veteran - 10.000 Credits -

NOTE 1: If you hit a specific number of credits required to gain a rank and then spend some of those credits, YOU DO NOT LOSE YOUR RANK.

NOTE 2: Once somebody gains the Veteran rank he is granted a place in the Hall Of Fame.

Your rank shows your overall activity in the academy. The higher the rank, the more you care about SDA!

So now that the Credits are gone as well let me go ahead and explain what the last bar, Duel Record, is. Everytime you duel, for either the Dueling Arena of a Tournament or an Event(I will explain what events are later on), your status will be updated. For example if you win an arena duel you will get 1 win, if you lose 1 loss etc.

There are special prizes that come with reaching a certain ammount of wins. The prizes are as follow:

20 wins: 50 credits + 10 xp
50 wins: 100 credits + 20 xp
100 wins: 200 credits + 50 xp
200 wins: 500 credits + 200 xp
500 wins: 1000 credits + 500 xp + A place in the Hall Of Fame

There are also various other achievements that you will discover later on.

I mentioned the Events earlier in my topic. Events are special happenings that are organised here in SDA. These might include:

-Dorm Wars
-Special Tournaments
-Quests and Challenges

And many, many more interesting stuff.

These are the basic things you need to know about our academy! I hope you enjoy your stay here

~SDA Staff


I make no mistakes. I once thought I made a mistake, but it was a mistake

1st place in The Beggining Tournament (SDA)
1st place in The Fast Tournament (SDA)
1st place in The Holy Tournament (SDA)
3rd place in The September '10 Format Tournament (SDA)
1st place in SDA Live Tournament #1
SDA's Deck Builder Of the Year
SDA's Non-Staff Member Of the Year
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Beginner's Guide to SDA:
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