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 SDA Shop

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Ancient Administrator

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PostSubject: SDA Shop   Fri Apr 06, 2012 8:11 am

Welcome to our humble shop!
We accept Credits, and the financial transactions are made through our Admin-cash machine.
Take a look around and be sure to ask if you need anything!

To make a purchase, post your choice(s). An admin will post to confirm your purchase and subtract the Credits you used.


Name Change
You can pay 100 Credits to change your name.

Dorm test
To advance to then next dorm, you need to take a dorm test!
Cost: 1000 Credits

Special Rank
You can have your very own Rank and Rank Banner or request one from SDA's GFXers - it costs 5000 Credits to use it though! Post the desired banner with your request.
Required rank: Veteran

Duel Record reset
Your Duel Record can be reset - the Admins have to fight Sea Serpents, Dragons and the fearsome Kuribohs to grant your request, thus it costs 1000 Credits!

Trade Credits with Experience
You can gain more Experience at the cost of Credits.
Rate: Credits / 10 = Experience
You can only gain up to 2000 Experience every month.

Duel Arena Exp/Cr Multipliers
Once per month: You can pay 500 Credits to choose one of the following effects:
● If you duel in the duel arena: You gain twice the amount of experience you would normaly gain, until the end of this week.
● If you duel in the duel arena: You gain twice the amount of credits you would normaly gain, until the end of this week.

All "Once per month" services can be reused from the 1st of the next month they were last used.


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SDA Shop
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