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 The DGA Chronicles Season 1: Beginnings - Chapter 21: Aftermath

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PostSubject: The DGA Chronicles Season 1: Beginnings - Chapter 21: Aftermath   Mon Jul 05, 2010 6:35 am

First topic message reminder :

Well, I wasn't going to at first, but i decided to try my hand at fanfiction after all. I may not have time to update as frequently as I would like, so please do not nag me about it. Although I'm technically the main character, will try to include as many people as i can in the story, but keep in mind that DGA didn't start in DGA, and our partership is even further along so it may be a while for most people here. Hope you guys like it!!!!

Hey, my name is Harper7000, but call
me Harper. My life has been... Nuts, to say the least. I'm not even sure where to begin. Well... I guess the beginning is a good a place as any to start.

The year is 2510. Over the last 500 years, much has changed. In 2460, there was an excavation of Seto Kaiba's original mansion in New Domino City, and while doing so they discovered Kaiba's original virtual video game technology, the one that the Big 5 tried to trap him in. But after a few years of enjoying the video game, people theorized that if their entire minds could be uploaded to a video game, what's to stop them from uploading it to some sort of virtual universe where they could live forever? As a result of this idea, most people of the world now spend most of their lives in the vast virtual world known as Pseudospace, instead of the real world. Here, anyone can do basically anything he or she ever wanted (for a small monthly fee paid to Kaiba Corporation of course). Kaiba Corporation (KC) was of course te richest company in both worlds, and Seto Kaiba II (the descendant of the original Seto) was considered by most to be President of Pseudospace. No one cared who ruled the real world. People only stay in the real world long enough to eat, sleep, and other such things. Also, for some reason, people in Pseudospace insist on being called by odd-sounding nicknames instead of their real names :P. 
But a shift to the true "digital age" could not stop the shadow games... The game dubbed "Duel Monsters" by Maximillion Pegasus was still popular in Pseudospace, and still played an important part in significant events, if not more so than before. Seto encouraged dueling to solve problems instead of actual wars. But, since there are no actual countries anymore, and a universal language is used in Pseudospace, wars were almost non-existent. Instead, Dueling Schools have became more and more popular, and there are many, many of them. But the ones who truly dominated the dueling world are Turbo Duel Academy (TDA), Dark Armed Dragon (DAD), Advanced Duel Academy (ADA), and the academy founded and still run by Pegasus's descendants, Toon World Academy (TWA). These academies constantly battled each other in friendly (or unfriendly) wars to see which of them is the greatest. Nations were at peace, and people did things they had only dreaamed of before Pseudospace.

However... Not all was well in the universe. Back in the real world in Los Angeles California, a world away from everyone else, two cloaked men stood talking on top of a deserted building. They wore black hoods and capes that obscured their faces and form.

Cloaked man 1: "why do we have to meet here anyway? It's a dump, no one even likes the real world anymore!"
Cloaked man 2: "that's exactly the point, no one will overhear us."
CM 1: "true, but it doesn't mean I have to like it..."

They stand silently for a while, cloaks flapping in the cold wind. Soon, other cloaked men joined them, and they all went inside the building. Inside, there was a vast room containing 20 or so Pseudopods, the sleeping pods where a person's mind was uploaded into Pseudospace. A man awaited them there. He wore the same cloak as the others, but his hood was thrown back. However, a black mask with red markings obscured his entire face. One of the cloaked
men who had entered addressed him.

CM 1: "so, when will we finally be able to take the revenge that you promised us on our enemies?"
Masked man: (smiling) "in a way, now. Haha, I have found a way to make our opponent's lives a living hell and they will have no idea how to stop it. However... We must wait for now on killing them. It is said that there will come a duelist who has the power over light AND darkness, the master of all decks, the one who is prophesied to be the greatest duelist of them all. For my plan to reach it's peak, I need him first."
CM 2: "ha! I don't even think he exists! He's just a legend."
MM: "oh, he exists all right, but even HE does not realize who he truly is yet. The day he is at his full potential will be THE LAST day for our enemies... But enough of that, we have to proceed with our plan, there are ways to torture our enemies until that day. Turn on that Psedopod."

The pod he had indicated had been hooked up to some sort of machine with a metal ring wide enough for 2 people to walk through

MM: "this, my friends, is a gate to a different dimension. If all goes well, it will open a portal to the spirit world."
CM 3: "oh yeah? what if all DOESN'T go well?"

The masked man turned to face him menacingly
MM: "that's a risk we'll have to take... Turn it on."

Next time: Chapter 1: "A Fateful Duel Pt. 1, Assault of The Ancient Gear Dragon!" 

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PostSubject: Re: The DGA Chronicles Season 1: Beginnings - Chapter 21: Aftermath   Sun Dec 19, 2010 12:49 am

That was realy good,much better than the previous one. The dialogues are very well written and authentic. The only problem was that many duels where happening at the same time and i got slightly confused. I enjoyed the chapter. No need to hurry, take your time for the next chapter. You could also add some images.


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PostSubject: Re: The DGA Chronicles Season 1: Beginnings - Chapter 21: Aftermath   Sun Dec 19, 2010 3:16 am

Although I'm a bit bored of reading fanfics, this chapter seems good. Keep it up Harper! ;)
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PostSubject: Re: The DGA Chronicles Season 1: Beginnings - Chapter 21: Aftermath   Sun Dec 19, 2010 4:38 am

Good as always Harper! I enjoy your fanfic at the most cant wait to see how it ends :D


I make no mistakes. I once thought I made a mistake, but it was a mistake

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PostSubject: Re: The DGA Chronicles Season 1: Beginnings - Chapter 21: Aftermath   Sun Dec 19, 2010 10:36 am

goyo bullied me T.T
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PostSubject: Re: The DGA Chronicles Season 1: Beginnings - Chapter 21: Aftermath   Mon Dec 20, 2010 7:57 pm

@winduct: thanks fro the positive and negative comments :). Agreed, I won't do two duels at once again, it's slightly confusing even with the recaps. But in this case even it kinda works out, I needed them to happen at the same time as a parallel. Images would be good I think, I like that about your story. I haven't really found any that suit the story but honestly i haven't tried hard either xD. Glad you like it
@chaos: thanks :). Maybe later this week we can do game 3 of our duel :)
@redgar: thanks! I'm glad you enjoy it :)
@vongola: yep haha, but you got your revenge xD. And just wait and see what you do in THIS chapter

The DGA Chronicles Season 1: Beginnings - Chapter 14: Fortune's Fate

Life points:
Vongola:4200. Knightshade:7100

Knightshade: "Draw! I tribute D.D. Survivor to summon Caius the Shadow Monarch! When Caius is advance summoned, I can remove from play one card on the field, and if it's a dark monster card, you take 1000 damage. I choose Sirocco, so you take 1000 damage!"

Caius summoned forth a churning ball of dark energy from his hands, and cast it at Sirocco. A dimensional rift opened, taking Sirocco with it. (Vongola:3200)

Knightshade: "Caius is still free to attack! Caius, destroy his Blackwing - Bora The Spear!"

Caius summoned another ball and threw it at Bora, who exploded. (Vongola:2500). Vongola dropped to his knees, at last giving in.

Knightshade: "I end my turn. And so my D.D. Survivor returns again."

The rift opened again, and D.D. Survivor jumped out and landed next to Caius. Vongola remained kneeling.

Vongola: "Why... Why are you being so violent? What did we do to you?"

Knightshade looked at him pitilessly.

Knightshade: "Typical. I notice that you didn't care about me until you were losing. You would have been content to see me sent back to the Shadow Realm or even kill me without knowing my crime. Well Vongola, that is what you have done. You are no different from the others: you want to stop me simply because I exist. You are the tenth Vongola. Centuries ago, the original Vongola was the one who trapped me in that God-forsaken place and left me to rot."

Knightshade spat off of the wall that they were dueling on.

Knightshade: "But you! You can't even get past me! Think of me as D.D. Survivor: I am powerful by myself, but my purpose is to give way to a monarch, like Caius here. And do you know what else we have in common? We always come back. Even if you stopped me, I can return again! It may take a hundred more years to regain our power and reunite, but the Shadow Duelists will return again. And again, and again, and again, and again until I kill you. And then I can kill your successor, the next Vongola, and then the twelfth Vongola, in a never-ending cycle of destruction. The rift between our worlds has been bridged Vongola. Dimensional Fissure is on the field, so to speak. Now that our worlds are connected, nothing can stop us. The King will come, and he will rule this land. We, The Shadow Duelists, are simply the forerunners to the King. And there are more than just one... I have more monarchs."

He showed Vongola his hand, with Raiza The Storm Monarch in it.

Knightshade: "Not just in this duel either: there are other dark kings waiting in the shadow realm. But you won't have a chance to see any of them. Take your last pathetic turn."


Life points:
Harper:6100. Shadowdawn:8000

Shadowdawn: "I attack your Emissary of Darkness token with Fortune Lady Dark and set one card facedown. Now it's your turn."
Harper: "Draw! Now that it's my standbye phase, I can special summon back Flamvell Firedog! (1900). I summon Flamvell Magician in attack mode."
Shadowdawn: "He is removed from play via the effect of Future Visions."
Harper: "Fine! I attack Fortune Lady Dark with Gorz! (Shadowdawn:7300). Then I attack you directly with Flamvell Firedog! (Shadowdawn:5400). I end."
Shadowdawn: "My turn! Now that it's MY standbye phase, Fortune Lady Light returns to the field (200. Now I activate my facedown card, Compulsory Evacuation Device. It returns a monster on the field to the owner's hand, and it's target will be Fortune Lady Light! Since she was removed from the field, I can special summon a Fortune Lady from my deck, and I choose another Fortune Lady Dark! Now I normal summon Fortune Lady Light! Now Future Visions activates, removing Fortune Lady Light from play, allowing me to summon my third Fortune Lady Dark! Now, I activate Gold Sarcophagus. I remove from play Fortune Lady Water, and I can add her to my hand in two turns. But that will never happen, because I activate Fortune's Future! By placing a removed from play Fortune Lady in my grave, I can draw two cards!"
Harper: "You've got to be kidding me! How can you summon so many monsters?"
Shadowdawn: "The power of darkness gives you better power in dueling."
Harper: "It doesn't matter, Gorz is still stronger than any of them."
Shadowdawn: "We'll see. Now! Fortune Lady Dark, attack his Firedog! (Harper:6000). Dark's effect activates, when she destroys one of your monsters by battle, I can special summon a Fortune Lady from my graveyard, and I choose Fortune Lady Water! (1200). When she is special summoned while I control another Fortune Lady, I can draw two cards! Next, from my hand, I activate the quickplay spell Shrink. This card halves the ATK of one of your monsters until the end phase."
Harper: "What?!"
Shadowdawn: "Gorz's ATK goes to 1350 for this turn. Dark, attack Gorz!"

Harper dropped to his knees in pain from the blow of Dark's staff (Harper:5350). 

Shadowdawn: "Now, since Dark destroyed one of your monsters in battle, I can special summon another Fortune Lady from my grave! I summon my third Fortune Lady Dark! Attack him directly!"

Harper took yet another hit from Dark's staff and fell on his face (Harper:3350).

Shadowdawn: "Fortune Lady Water, attack him directly!"

Water summoned a ball of swirling water and threw it at Harper, who was already flat on his face (Harper:2150). He didn't move.


Life points:
Vongola:2500. Knightshade:7100

Vongola quivered on his knees in despair. What was he going to do? He was failing his students... And he was about to die. He looked at the students' worried faces, an then he saw Scorpion. He was laughing and shaking his head. When he saw Vongola looking at him, he made a fist and smacked his hand with it.
   Slowly and deliberately, Vongola stood up and brushed himself off. What the @$&% was he doing?! He had to keep fighting, and crying about it was for losers. He pointed a finger at the demon.

Vongola: "If I'm going down, you're coming with me Knightshade. Time to show you the duel of a Vongola! Draw!"

Vongola shut his eyes, and then opened them. Yes! That was finally what he needed. But first...

Vongola: "I activate my second Pot of Duality."

He revealed Monster Reborn, Dark Hole, and Delta Crow - Anti Reverse.

Vongola: "I choose Dark Hole. And now I activate it! Your monsters are finished! Next, I summon Blackwing - Kalut The Moon Shadow and attack you directly. I set one card face down and end my turn."
Knightshade: "You fool! You still don't get it do you? You've lost! Since it's the end phase, D.D. Survivor returns, and now I can tribute him for more monarchs!"
Vongola: "Then try it."

Knightshade tried to read Vongola. Vongola's eyes were defiant., but he couldn't tell whether or not he was bluffing.

Knightshade: "I'll call your bluff. I tribute Survivor to advance summon Raiza The Storm Monarch! Raiza's effect activates, returning Kalut to the top of your deck!"
Vongola: "Not so fast, I chain Icarus Attack! By tributing Kalut, I can destroy two cards on the field, and I choose Dimensional Fissure and Raiza! Looks like our worlds aren't connected anymore."

Knightshade looked stunned. Even when he ended his turn and got Survivor back, he seemed distracted by the fact that Vongola could still fight back.

Vongola: "My move! Ha, I normal summon Blackwing - Sirocco The Dawn with his effect (2000). Next, I special summon Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind (1300). Gale's effect activates, allowing me to halve Survivor's attack points (900). Gale, destroy him!"

Gale soared through the air and cut through D.D. Survivor, making him explode. (Knightshade:6700)

Vongola: "Ha! Not so tough without D-Fissure huh? Sirocco, attack him directly!"

Sirocco flew at Knightshade at top speed, and viciously backhanded him across the face, causing him to fall on his butt (Knightshade:4700).

Vongola: "During my Main Phase 2, I tune my level 5 Sirocco with my level 3 Gale! Clustering wishes will bring forth a new shining star. Become the path it shines upon! Synchro summon! Stardust Dragon!"

Stardust Dragon soared above on a brilliant shower of sparks (2500).

Vongola: "I end."

Knightshade looked even more stunned than before.

Knightshade: "I... I never thought you had the strength to make such a move with so little life points remaining...
Vongola: "Get used to being surprised."
Knightshade: "Whatever. My turn! Ugh... I set a card face down. Now I activate Allure of Darkness, so I draw two cards and remove a second Caius from my hand. I set another card and end my turn."
Vongola: "My move! I set a card face down. Next I summon Blackwing - Blizzard The Far North! With his effect, I special summon Gale from my grave!"
Knightshade: "I activate Torrential Tribute."
Vongola: "And I negate it with Stardust. Gale, Blizzard, attack!"

The two Blackwing hit Knightshade on either side of his head, and it was his turn to fall to his knees (Knightshade:2100).


Life points:
Harper:2150. Shadowdawn:5400)

Harper could barely move, he could only get up enough to sit. He noticed that the strange blue creature was still watching the duel, and "he" had his head tilted sideways, as if Harper's pain were curious.

Harper: "I... Draw."

His eyes lit up.

Harper: "Yes! First, Flamvell Magician returns to me during my standbye phase (1400). Now, I activate Mystical Space Typhoon, and I destroy your Future Visions! Next I summon Gravekeeper's Spy in attack mode, and I tune the two together! Clustering wishes will bring forth a new shining star. Become the path it shines upon! Synchro summon! Stardust Dragon!"

Stardust Dragon appeared again, this time soaring above Harper.

Harper: "Stardust, attack! Destroy a Fortune Lady Dark! Shooting Sonic!"

Dark's dark energy gave way to Stardust Dragon's shining power, and she exploded (Shadowdawn:4900).

Harper: "I end my turn."

Shadowdawn smiled weakly again. 

Shadowdawn: "It's all up to this last draw, isn't it? If i draw what I need... It's over. If not, you still have the advantage."

Harper grimaced.

Harper: "I suppose it is."

Shadowdawn brought up his hand in a salute, then closed his eyes and drew his card. He opened them... And smiled

Shadowdawn: "I activate Dark Hole!"
Harper: "What?! But Stardust could just negate..."

He stopped short as he realized the problem. If he tributed Stardust, one of Shadowdawn's Fortune Lady Darks could wipe out the rest of his life points

Harper: "I choose not to negate."
Shadowdawn: "Very well, now all of our monsters are gone. But there's one more thing."

He showed Harper the last card on his hand. Harper went pale.

Harper: "...Oh God... No..."
Shadowdawn: "I activate Monster Reborn!!!!! Come to my side Stardust Dragon!!!!"

Stardust Dragon reared up behind Shadowdawn, and it's eyes burned an unnatural red.

Shadowdawn: "Stardust, destroy him!"

The world seemed to go in slow motion as Stardust's sonic blast got closer. It couldn't have been more than a few seconds before it hit, but Harper registered many things in those few seconds. He thought of his parents and friends that he had temporarily left behind to join DUA. He thought of all the people at FADA that he had become friends with... The friends that he was about to let down. He could vaguely see Shadowdawn already walking away down one of the side tunnels, disgusted with being barely challenged. And then the blast hit.

Next time: "Interlude"    
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Yuri Bakura
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PostSubject: Re: The DGA Chronicles Season 1: Beginnings - Chapter 21: Aftermath   Tue Dec 21, 2010 3:00 am

waiting for myself to appear in the fan-fic ~.~ (I mean dueling)
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PostSubject: Re: The DGA Chronicles Season 1: Beginnings - Chapter 21: Aftermath   Tue Dec 21, 2010 6:38 am

Actually, It's not that confusing anymore, two duels happening at the same time. Like before I like the dialogues and the plot is bulding up.


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PostSubject: Re: The DGA Chronicles Season 1: Beginnings - Chapter 21: Aftermath   Tue Dec 21, 2010 6:57 am

Once again a very good chapter. Although i didnt get this point:

"He looked at the students' worried faces, an then he saw Scorpion. He was
laughing and shaking his head. When he saw Vongola looking at him, he
made a fist and smacked his hand with it.
Slowly and deliberately,
Vongola stood up and brushed himself off. What the @$&% was he
doing?! He had to keep fighting, and crying about it was for losers. He
pointed a finger at the demon."

What exactly happened here?


I make no mistakes. I once thought I made a mistake, but it was a mistake

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PostSubject: Re: The DGA Chronicles Season 1: Beginnings - Chapter 21: Aftermath   Sun Dec 26, 2010 2:57 pm

Yuri: *possible spoiler! Do not read unless you are Yuri Bakura!
winduct: thanks! Glad you like it :)
redgar:well you see, it was a dramatic moment where Vongola though he would die, and Scorp laughed because Vongola was taking it too seriously. The fist motion is basically saying "take him out". Scorp was trying to tell him to man up and kick Knightshade's *censored*. Sorry if it was confusing, you kind of have to know Scorp to get his tough guy kind of encouragment xD

The DGA Chronicles Season 1: Beginnings - Interlude

Dying was a strange feeling.
Harper lay on the floor of the cave, waiting for the end. He knew he was finished, the sonic blast had been too powerful and he was too weak. Time moved so slowly; in fact it was hard to even perceive time anymore. He registered that Shadowdawn was gone; he had left even before the duel was over. A few seconds later, the corrupted Stardust Dragon disappeared as well, leaving Harper alone.
   No. Not alone. The blue, ghostlike creature still stood a little ways away from the altar. As always, the spirit was impossible to make out, because whenever Harper looked at a part of its body, it would instantly change and morph into something else. It had long hair, then no hair, it was muscular, then it was a slender woman. It tilted its head sideways at Harper, as if his death was curious. Harper shuddered as another wave of pain shot through his body.

Spirit: ""

Harper stopped shaking. Did that thing just TALK to him? He made eye contact with it, and they stared silently at each other for a few seconds. For an instant, its eyes stopped shifting long enough for Harper to make them out. They seemed... Familiar. He had seen them somewhere before, he was sure now. But where?
   The thing pointed at itself.

Spirit: ""

Harper's eyes widened.

Harper: "Are you saying you can... Save me?"

In response, the thing broke eye contact and walked over to the altar. Harper hadn't noticed before, but there was a deck sitting on top of the altar. The spirit pointed at it, but looked at Harper.

Spirit: ".......po.........power............"

It was promising him power? Suddenly the world grew dimmer and started to fade away. The wounds were taking their toll, Harper didn't have much longer. The blue spirit walked right up to Harper.

Spirit: ".....must........."

It extended its hand.

Spirit: ""

Harper nodded quickly. He was fading fast.

Harper: "I'll do anything, pl-please just help me!!"

The spirit grinned. It waved its arm, and Harper began levivating. The spirit lifted him up via levitation in a way that it gave the illusion that Harper was standing by himself. The spirit reached out its hand, and Harper reached for his with the last of his strengh. Just before their fingers touched, the spirit's body stopped constantly shifting, and focused into the body of a man: one man in particular. Harper knew him. He was the man who had stood on top of the burning building in the Vision of Darkness that Shadowdawn had shown him, the one Shadowdawn described as being "the real threat", the one who was to destroy Pseudospace, the man that Harper knew he had seen before but couldn't couldn't place him until this very moment. 

The man was himself.

Their fingers touched, Harper's and the blue mirror image of Harper, and they sank into each other, first fingers, then hands, and then the whole arm and body, until the mirror image had completely been absorbed into Harper.
   There was an explosion, and Harper was consumed in a pillar of dark fire. He screamed, an utterly helpless and pain-filled scream. He dropped to his knees, and screamed again and again until the fire died. He dropped to the ground in a smoking heap. His clothes were partly burned off, and his eyes were closed. He didn't move or breath for several long minutes.
   Suddenly, he coughed, took several ragged breaths, and picked himself off of the dirty, stony ground, seemingly unhurt. He opened his eyes: 
They were completely golden.

Next time: Chapter 15: "The King of Chaos"

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PostSubject: Re: The DGA Chronicles Season 1: Beginnings - Chapter 21: Aftermath   Sun Dec 26, 2010 4:27 pm

Kinda confused :P


I make no mistakes. I once thought I made a mistake, but it was a mistake

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PostSubject: Re: The DGA Chronicles Season 1: Beginnings - Chapter 21: Aftermath   Wed Dec 29, 2010 11:48 pm

It's kinda meant to be that way haha. I wrote it to build
tension and make people ask questions. Perhaps this will clear up
your confusion:
(note: I misplayed on the last duel with Vongola, so instead of him summoning Blizzard+Gale, he summons another Shura and attacks with it

The DGA Chronicles Season 1: Beginnings - Chapter 15: The King of Chaos

Life points:
Vongola:2500. Knightshade:2900

For the first time in his existence, Knightshade was afraid. He hated to admit it, but he was about to lose.

Knightshade: "I draw! I summon Cyber Valley in attack mode and end my turn."

Vongola: "My turn! Draw!"

He smiled a grim, victorious smile.

Vongola: "I activate Mind Control! With it I can take control of your Cyber Valley until the end of this turn. Now you can't hide behind defense anymore! Blackwing - Shura The Blue Flame, attack him directly!"

Shura flew past and slashed Knightshade in the head. (Knightshade:1100). Vongola looked dangerously serious.

Vongola: "Take this message to your "king". STAY AWAY FROM MY ACADEMY!!! Stardust Dragon, finish him off!! Shooting sonic!"

Knightshade was hit square in the chest by Stardust Dragon's blast, and the force of it was enough to launch him off of the wall and into the courtyard below. Two Children of The Dark were already waiting there to catch him when he fell. Richlik appeared in their midst. Vongola frowned at this. Where the blazes had Richlik been this entire fight? Richlik turned to face the members of FADA who were gathered around.

Richlik: "Don't worry, we have everything under control. I can now seal away this demon's soul and send his dark power back to the Shadow Realm."

???: "Is that so?"

Richlik, as well as everybody else in the assembly, turned in the direction that the voice had come from. Several people parted, allowing John to walk up to where Richlik and The Children were standing.

John: "... because I think..."

His eyes flickered from the students and back to Richlik.

John: "I think you're simply taking away their power to use for yourself."

Everyone was silent at John's accusation. Finally Richlik spoke up.

Richlik: "Why, exactly, do you think that? What could I gain from stealing dark power?"
John: "The same thing you could gain by locking us inside of FADA and turning on the electric field surrounding the gate: to keep us trapped here under your unchallenged power."

John's voice was even as he spoke, but underneath his smooth words was biting accusation. Richlik looked worried, but tried to bluster his way out of the situation.

Richlik: "Which, of course, is also total nonsense. I am already the leader of FADA."
John: "But you're afraid of people deserting you. I know what you tried to do to Ray, Richlik. He got away, but he came back and told me that you left the electric field on. Ray had to deactivate it to leave, but now you purposefully put it back up. We talked over the wall."

Scorpion looked shocked.

Scorpion: "Is that true Richlik?! You know how dangerous it is here with The Shadow Duelists! If we could be evacuating the students and getting help, we should have done that long ago!"
Richlik: "We don't NEED help!!"

He snapped angrily at Scorpion, but his anger faded as he realized that he hadn't denied the charge. Rather, he had supported the claim by being defensive about it.

John: "Richlik is paranoid that if we enlist help from the outside, then we will no longer need him. He's afraid that we'll leave him with no one to command. So he is locking us in here until he grows powerful enough to keep us here by force."

Richlik looked anxiously back and forth between the faces of John and Scorpion. He tried a last-ditch attempt.

Richlik: "Scorp... You don't actually BELIEVE that do you?"

Scorp looked like he was about to say something, but then TheRuler shook his head.

TheRuler: "There's just no... proof, John. It's possible that what you're saying is true, but we can't accuse him of something like that if we have no proof."

John produced a small recording device from his pocket, and switched it on. There was a conversation between Ray and Richlik on the recording: 

"Ray: "Yeah, we're really 'safe' Richlik. Safe as in Shadow Duelists running amuck and us being forced to make deals with Satan-worshippers? That's not my idea of 'safe' Richlik."
Richlik: "You should learn some respect. It's not my fault Yuri's students went insane. But despite this, I'm doing the best I can to fix HIS mistake. I even have a plan in place to defeat them."
Ray: "Oh sure, your plan's great... Take the Underworld Deck for yourself and use it to rule over us as a tyrant!"
Richlik: "How did you....? Ah, it must have been that new recruit. Captain, 'take care' of our friend here, I have to exterminate a rat.""

There was absolute silence as the members of FADA took in the implications of the exchange. John was the one to break it.

John: "Once he absorbs the power of all four Shadow Duelists, and takes the Underworld Deck, none of us will be able to stop him. And he doesn't care who he kills along the way until then."

There was about half a second of stunned silence, and then Richlik rapidly grabbed Knightshade's unconcious body from the Child of The Dark that was holding him, and held his Shadow Charm above Knightshade's head. Knightshade began glowing with an aura of dark energy, and then the dark energy flowed from him to the gilded bronze bracelet on Richlik's arm. After a few seconds, Richlik had absorbed all of Knightshade's power.
John, Scorpion, and TheRuler quickly activated their duel disks and slowly advanced on Richlik. Richlik turned to face him, his formerly gray eyes now turned golden. Vongola quickly jumped off of the wall and was deftly caught by Dredor and Jalice Dakari.
   But then suddenly, something happened that stopped all of the proceedings. A man, coming from the caves, entered the tense circle of FADA members. At first, Scorpion didn't recognize him, but as the man came closer he realized it was Harper. But he was noticeably different. His eyes, usually a brilliant electric blue, were now golden, just like Richlik and The Shadow Duelists. His hair had also turned from brown to white. But unlike Richlik and The Shadow Duelist's hair, which were merely whitened in certain areas, Harper's hair was entirely, completely white, and somewhat thinner and wispy, giving it him a somewhat unearthly appearance. He had different clothes too. Now, he wore a black trenchcoat and one black glove, on his right hand.

TheRuler: "... Harper?"

Richlik took the opportunity to escape while the others were distracted with Harper. He ran past Scorpion and shot a dark plasma bolt from his hand at Harper. Harper, however, simply raised his arm and intercepted the bolt with his hand, absorbing it into himself. Richlik shot blast after blast at Harper, but every time he caught the bolts and shot them right back at Richlik, or absorbed them into himself. The air began to smoke excessively because of all of the burning plasma in the air. After several seconds of useless hammering at Harper, Richlik gave up. Harper spoke, but it wasn't his normal voice at all. It was a sneering voice that sounded like steel grating against steel.

Harper: "Are you done? Pitiful for one that took the power of three of my servants."

Everyone, even Richlik, started in surprise at his words.

Vongola: "Your servants?!?! You mean you were in on this Shadow Duelist thing the whole time Harper?!?!"

Harper responded by throwing back his head and laughing.

Harper: "Hardly! I have, but Harper has not. I am the leader of the Shadow Duelists. People call me by many names... You may call me Chaosking."

All of the members of FADA were stunned. They didn't know how to express their feeling, but Scorpion did for them, with a particularly obscene curse word.

Scorpion: "@%#$! They got you too Harper... Will this despair never end?"
Chaosking: "Yes, it will, don't worry about that. Because since none of you have much longer to survive, none of you will despair much longer."

Chaosking turned to Richlik. 

Chaosking: "Let's start with you."

Chaosking waved his hand over his left arm, and shadows swirled around it, forming a duel disk. He drew a card and summoned it


Chaosking: "Attack him!!"

The monster slashed Richlik with its burning arm, and then grabbed him by the scruff of his neck, holding him high above the ground. It then threw him violently to the ground, and Richlik lay there, stunned. The monster took his Shadow Charm and gave it to Chaosking,  who put it on.
   The other FADA members, until now, had been too surprised to do anything. It had all happened too fast and, quite honestly, it was hard to process who was on their side anymore. Richlik had betrayed them, and now Harper had betrayed both them AND Richlik. Vongola slowly approached Chaosking.

Vongola: "Harper! I know you can hear me! Show yourself, show me your spirit that I recognized from the beginning: the soul of a true duelist!"

Chaosking regarded him evenly with those horrible golden eyes.

Chaosking: "He is too weak and too far gone now. You're wasting your time."

He raised his hand to fire a dark plasma blast at Vongola, but the blast was intercepted by Sangan, who exploded. Chaosking turned around to see where it had come from. Jalice Dakari stood defiantly, duel disk activated.

Jalice: "I challenge you to a duel!"

Chaosking smiled, a smile of a hunter whose prey had just walked into his den.

Chaosking: "I accept your pathetic challenge, you can even go first."

Jalice grimaced at him.

Jalice/Chaosking: "Duel!"

Life points:
Jalice:8000. Chaosking:8000

Jalice: "My move! I summon Psychic Snail in attack mode (1900). Next, I activate Emergency Teleport, which allows me to special summon a Level 3 or lower Psychic from my deck. I choose Krebons (1200)! Next, I'll tune them together for Psychic Lifetrancer! I end my turn."

Chaosking looked at Jalice with disgust.

Chaosking: "Pathtic. I activate Foolish Burial! With it, I can send a monster from my deck to my grave, and I send Plaguespreader Zombie! Next, I normal summon Zombie Master! With his effect, I can discard a card from my hand, such as Mezuki, to special summon a zombie-type monster in my grave. Of course, I'll choose Plaguespreader Zombie! Next, I tune them together! Frozen lands that are engulfed in ice, bear witness to the soul of your guardian! Synchro summon! Brionac, Dragon of The Ice Barrier!"

Brionac huffed an icy breath, then roared ferociusly at Jalice. It's eyes turned red (2300).

Chaosking: "I activate Brionac's effect! By discarding Goblin Zombie from my hand, I can return a card on your field to your hand. I choose Psychic Lifetrancer, and since it can't go to your hand, it goes back to the extra deck. Now! I activate Mezuki's effect from the graveyard! By removing him from the game, I can special summon a zombie from my grave, and I choose Goblin Zombie! Now Plaguespreader Zombie's graveyard effect activates! I can return a card in my hand to the top of my deck to special summon him from the grave! Now, when I tune them together, Plague is removed from the game. Behold, this is the power of authority! Synchro summon! A surprise encounter, Goyo Guardian!"

Goyo Guardian whirled around his chain-like weapon, and grinned wickedly as his eyes also turned red (2800).

Chaosking: "When Goblin Zombie is sent from the field to the grave, I can add a zombie-type monster with 1200 or less DEF from my deck to my hand. I choose Pyramid Turtle. Next, I activate Burial From A Different Dimension! It returns up to three removed from play monsters to the grave, so I'll put Mezuki and Plaguespreader Zombie back in the grave. Mezuki's effect activates once again, I'll remove him again to special summon Zombie Master from my grave. And you know what he does! I discard my last card to special summon Goblin Zombie from my graveyard."

Within seconds, Jalice was faced with an empty field and five monsters on his opponent's field.

Chaosking: "Goblin Zombie, attack!"

Goblin Zombie grabbed its dagger and stabbed Jalice forcefully between the ribs. Since he had never been in a Shadow Duel, Jalice was not expecting the damage to be real, and he clutched his ruined chest helplessly (Jalice:6900).

Chaosking: "Zombie Master, attack!"

The shambling, tousle-haired zombie punched Jalice under the chin and sent him sprawling (Jalice:5100).

Chaosking: "Brionac, attack!"

Brionac shot a blast of ice at Jalice, freezing his feet into a block of ice so he couldn't move. He stood there, waiting for the inevitable (Jalice:2800). Chaosking flourished his hand, eyes locked on Jalice.

Chaosking: "Goyo Guardian, attack!"

Goyo Guardian swung his chain at Jalice and the blade of it pierced his chest. Goyo pulled it out, and Jalice crumpled onto the floor. He never moved again (Jalice:0).
   The "holograms" faded away, and Chaosking turned to face the rest of FADA. Vongola, Scorpion, TheRuler, and everyone else did the only logical thing.

They ran.

Next time: Chapter 16: "Rebellion" 
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Holy crap what a chapter!!!
Very exciting story Harper keep it up!!!


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PostSubject: Re: The DGA Chronicles Season 1: Beginnings - Chapter 21: Aftermath   Fri Dec 31, 2010 12:20 am

That was a good chapter.

2 things though:
  • At one point near the beginning you say "He smiled a grim, victorious smile." Do you mean grin?
  • Since the story is in the future how come they still use recorders?

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Glad you guys like it :D. I've been building up to Chaosking for some time now.
Winduct: 1. No I meant grim (an adjective). It means serious so he was happy he won but he WAS about to kill someone so he wasn't thrilled about it. 2. Why not xD? It doesn't have to be a tape recorder, just soething that records. Even iPhones hav apps that record sound.
Sorry for the delay, I've had a lot going on in my life lately :/

The DGA Chronicles Season 1: Beginnings - Chapter 16: Rebellion

Chaosking was in his moment of triumph. At long last, he had been released from his long imprisonment in the Shadow Realm, and it was about time to take his revenge on the world. Chaosking had existed for centuries...perhaps even millenia, sometimes it was hard for him to remember. He had conquered nations, bested many men, experienced all sorts of lifestyles and pleasures throughout the ages in which he had been free, and felt almost every emotion man could fathom. Not much fazed him. But right now he was feeling an emotion that he definately was NOT use to: confusion.
   The world, as a rule, was constantly changing. It was an inevitable fact that nothing could stay the same for long. Chaosking knew this fact well; yet, he couldn't shake the feeling that something was decidedly different about...well, about EVERYTHING. Back when he had been fightning Richlik, it seemed harder than usual to summon plasma bolts. Usually, Chaosking just willed them into being and the air around instantly concentrated electricity enough to make it happen. That hadn't changed, but it seemed as if now it was a delayed reaction, like somehow the air was sluggish about arranging the molecules. And again, when he summoned forth real monsters in the Shadow Duel against Jalice, it seemed as if Chaosking had to focus more on summoning them from the Spirit World. It was like they had to go over a speed bump now before arriving or something. Neither of these facts diminished Chaosking's abilities in the least, but it WAS confusing to him.
   He pushed the thought aside. There was probably a reasonable explanation for the anomoly, and he had a feeling that the residents here knew the answer. Now was the time to plan his conquest of the region. The gates to this academy were locked and electrified. With a little time and effort, Chaosking could blast them away with his powers, but inevitably, the residents here would try to stop him. Chaosking was confident that he could beat them no matter what, but it would be a nuisance to be attacked from behind, and it wasn't his style to run from a challenge. Better to pick them off one by was time to go on the offensive. Besides, he reasoned, he loved a good hunt.


Vongola paced back and forth across the cave floor, thinking the same thought in his mind over and over: what the **** were they going to DO?Chaosking was all but invincible, but letting him run loose wasn't an option. The remnant of FADA were temporarily staying in the caves near the mountain. They decided to stay in the big, main room instead of going off into the many branches for fear of what they might find there. As big a room as the entrance cave was, it was still cramped with sixty-something people crammed inside of it. And the tension didn't help.
   Vongola sighed. Not for the first time, he questioned his father's wisdom in making him the new Vongola so soon. His father always seemed to know what to do no matter what, but many times, Vongola had no idea what course of action to take. He wasn't even sure what he wanted to do with his OWN life, much less make an impression on the whole world like his predecessors had. For now, Vongola was content to stay at an academy as an instructor and administrator...not a bad job at all, but nothing overly impressive. In truth, he was just there until he could think of something big to do. It seemed simple enough when he had taken the job. But what had happened while there? Yuri had left him in command of the school and he had let them all down!
   He frowned. Why HAD Yuri left anyway? Richlik had made it clear that Yuri had abandoned them as soon as he saw what The Shadow Duelists were capable of, but Vongola wasn't so sure now. Richlik had made many things "clear". In reality, all he wanted was power, and he was okay with lying about anything as long as it went with his plan. Vongola no longer fully trusted ANYthing he said. Now that he thought about it, it wasn't like Yuri to simply run away from the problem...but then again, he WAS gone. Vongola was jolted from his thoughts as Scorpion spoke.

Scorpion: "Enough of this."

He spoke quietly, but in truth that was scarier than if he had shouted. Scorp was almost never serious.

Scorpion: "I've had enough of these...these..."

He struggled to find a curse word bad enough, and gave up.

Scorpion: "...These MURDERERS prancing around doing whatever they like. Not only do they wreck our property and kill our students, but they enslave our remaining friends to use them as a host. If this keeps up, we'll all be dead soon. This has to end now."

TheRuler: "Just what do you suppose we do? We're administrators of a duel academy, not warriors. It isn't our job to defeat this 'Chaosking', it's time to leave the job to someone else. It wasn't even our job to defeat The Shadow Duelists, but we did, and look where that got us! More of us are dead or possesed! We need to focus on our academy, let's just keep FADA alive."
Scorpion: "FADA is already dead...our reputation is shot after what happened with Richlik lying to us all, and after The Shadow Duelists, and now with Chaosking. We'll all be lucky to survive, much less keep an academy running. Every one of the students you see here will leave and run to the opposite side of the world when this is over. And can you blame them? We're facing death and deceit no matter where we turn."
TheRuler: "Scorp, if we had...I don't know, a Delta Knight or someone, I would agree with you. They're the protectors of Pseudospace, they're trained to handle things like this, and they don't lose. But we don't HAVE a Delta Knight, it's just us."

At this, Vongola raised an eybrow at Scorpion. Vongola was one of the very few people who knew that Scorpion was indeed a member of the Delta Knights. But he was something of a rookie in DLKz. All of the other Knights had been appointed by Seto Kaiba himself, while Scorpion had been only recently recruited, and by The Dutch Prince. Scorp wasn't considered a full member of the DLKz yet until he passed President Kaiba's test...hence, no one really knew about him. Once he passed the test, he would be recognized as their equal, but not until then. John sighed. He looked around at the depressed faces around him in the cave. 

John: "'re both probably right. We have to stay positive and clear-headed. But we also have to believe we can save Harper and these students."
Scorpion: "Oh, I WILL save the students. I'm just not so sure about Harper. There can be no holding back against Chaosking...there's no room whatsoever for mistakes. We need to go after him now."
John: "I wouldn't say that too loudly if I were you."

He inclined his head to indicate Fallen King, who was sitting alone a few feet away on a stone bench. Fallen had been Harper's closest friend at FADA, and now he had inexplicably turned evil. As a result, Fallen was extremely depressed. He hadn't spoken to anyone since Harper had returned as Chaosking.

John: "Fallen is taking this hard. And he's not the only one, I care about him too. Don't you? We need to save Harper somehow."
Scorpion: "It's...not...POSSIBLE!!!!!! Don't you think I care about Harper too?! But we MUST save the students, and to do that we have to stop this maniac first. We have no choice but to duel him our hardest! Besides John, you're not even an Administrator."
TheRuler: "I agree with John, there's got to be a better way."

Scorpion leveled his gaze at him. The look in his eyes were murderous. TheRuler looked around desparately for help from Vongola. Vongola was lost in his own thoughts however.

TheRuler: "Scorp...just...please at least wait? For a while? We don't want to rush headlong into this, let's think of a plan. Or...or...put it to a vote! Yeah, the admins can vote what to do."
Scorpion: "This isn't a democracy anymore Ruler. FADA. Is. Dead! What don't you understand about that? The rebellion has been going on for some time...Richlik overthrew Yuri, The Shadow Duelists tried to overthrow Richlik, Harper succeeded, and now we're trying to stop Harper. There's no union in that."
TheRuler: "I know. But we have to be smart about this. Let's put it to a vote: do we act now or wait for a better plan? I vote to wait."
Scorpion: "And I vote we act before we all get killed."

TheRuler turned to Fallen, who was a few feet away.

TheRuler: "Fallen?"

Fallen looked up, broken from his trance.

Fallen: "Wha...?"
TheRuler: "Fallen, what do you think we should do?"

Fallen shook his head slowly and sadly.

Fallen: "I...I don't know...nobody does. We have to think of a real plan before anything."

Everyone turned expectantly to Vongola. Inwardly, he sighed. Why did the major decisions always have to fall on him? He always seemed to make the wrong decision lately anyway. Scorp was looking at him in a confident way, sure that his closest friend would agree with him. Vongola took a deep breath.

Vongola: "Scorp...I wouldn't hurt to you know...sleep on it for a few days? We don't even know what we're up against."

He shrugged apologetically, but Scorpion flared his nostrils.

Scorpion: "Fine. I see how it is. Go ahead, sit on your butts and do nothing. I quit."
Vongola: "Scorp, wait..."

But Scorpion was already angrily grabbing his duel disk and leaving the cave. Vongola stared sadly after him as John and TheRuler discussed plans. Scorpion had been right. Now that he was gone, the FADA rebellion was complete.


Scorpion stormed back to the main plaza of FADA, where The Mainframe was. It was the middle of the night, but he didn't care. After a while of exploring The Mainframe Scorpion realized that he had no idea where Chaosking actually was. He stumbled around in the dark for a while, and eventually made his way to the Dining Hall. 
   Chaosking was on the staff platform, sitting on a throne-like chair. He wore a black trenchcoat, black t-shirt and jeans underneath, and black boots. Chaosking also wore Richlik's bronze Shadow Charm on his right arm and Harper's silver cross necklace around his neck. He didn't seem surprised in the least to see Scorpion there.

Chaosking: "Ah, the mouse has come to chase the cat! There's always one. It's a pity, really. After I destroy you, I'll actually have to put forth a little effort to find your friends."

As always, Chaosking's voice was heavily distorted. The base of his voice was like Harper's, but it seemed electronically layered, and somewhat deeper. The result reminded Scorpion of steel scratching against steel.

Scorpion: "Shut up! I didn't come to lose to the likes of you! I've had it with you and your little army of Shadow Duelists and your Children of The Dark. You're going to pay for what you've done to me and my friends."

Chaosking studied him emotionlessly with those horrible gold eyes. The gold coor wasn't just in the irises, but the whole eye was gold and glowing.

Chaosking: "You would do well to learn respect. But I'm afraid it's too late for that to help you."

He stood up, and walked to the edge of the platform. However, he seemed to hesitate.

Chaosking: "Perhaps you can tell me this though: where in God's name are we?"

Scorpion was surprised at that. Not only was it odd that a demon king would use God's name, but how did he not know where he was?

Scorpion: "We're in Forbidden Arts Duel Academy."
Chaosking: "I gathered that. But WHERE are we? What country? What city?"
Scorpion: "We're in Pseudospace. It's a virtual world."

At this, Chaosking finally seemed to understand. He murmured quietly to himself.

Chaosking: "That's why..."

He turned around and walked back towards his throne, lost in his thoughts and ignoring Scorpion Scorpion's rage was renewed at that.

Scorpion: "Don't you walk away from me! You're going to pay for what you've done, and you're going to pay NOW! Get ready to go back to hell!"

He activated his duel disk. Chaosking smiled wickedly.

Chaosking: "Well, look who's in a hurry to die. The Academy Champion versus the Chaos King. We'll duel on the roof."

They ascended the spiral staircase to the top of The Mainframe. Chaosking extended his arm, and shadows whirled around it, creating a duel disk. Lightning flashed around them, the prelude to a rainstorm that would soon come. Chaosking closed his eyes.

Chaosking: "Ah...I sense the duel energy inside of you. You have much of it. I do hope you have a chance to show it, it would be such a...shame if you lost on the first turn like your pathetic friend."

He gave Scorp a wicked, toothy smile. Scorp gritted his teeth and resisted the urge to punch Chaosking in the face.

Scorpion/Chaosking: "Duel!"

Next time: Chapter 17: "Knight versus King" 
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you are officially my enemy harper XD ... u told u were gonna put me in one of ur stories ... me duelin with my kuraz deck D: ...
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PostSubject: Re: The DGA Chronicles Season 1: Beginnings - Chapter 21: Aftermath   Mon Jan 17, 2011 7:32 pm

Vongola: okay :)
dc: and I will. In season two. I already planned out everything for season one

The DGA Chronicles Season 1: Beginnings - Chapter 17: Knight Versus King

Life points:
Scorpion:8000. Chaosking:8000

Chaosking lazily whipped five cards from his duel disk in a single draw. He didn't even look at them.

Chaosking: "The King gives the first move to the challenger."
Scorpion: "That's a mistake. Draw! I summon Red Gadget in attack mode!"

The small red machine appeared in a ball of light (1300). Chaosking laughed.

Chaosking: "Hahaha! I was thinking that you may actually provide a challenge! How do you expect to beat me with such a pathetic monster?"

Scorpion decided to ignore him.

Scorpion: "With his effect, I add Yellow Gadget from my deck to my hand. I set two cards facedown. Turn end."
Chaosking: "My move!"

Finally, he looked as his hand, and also at the card he drew.

Chaosking: "Ooh, you're lucky! Seems as if you get to survive at least a few more turns...can't beat you right off the bat. I summon Zombie Master!"

The roof beneath them split, and the young-looking zombie crawled out of the crevice and gave a toothy grin to Scorpion (1800).

Chaosking: "With his effect, I discard Plaguespreader Zombie to special summon the same Plaguespreader Zombie from my grave. Tuning time! From the dead comes a creature with newfound power. Rise from the grave! Synchro summon! Doomkaiser Dragon!"

A zombie dragon crawled out of the crevice on Chaosking's side of the field. Despite it's half-rotted appearance, it looked dangerous and strong, with fire kindling as it snorted (2400).

Chaosking: "Doomkaiser Dragon, attak his Red Gadget!"
Scorpion: "Not so fast, I activate my facedown, Dimensional Prison! Your dragon is removed from play."
Chaosking: "Very well. I set two cards and end my turn."
Scorpion: "Draw! I summon Yellow Gadget!"

As he placed the card on his duel disk, a vision of a beautiful blonde girl flashed through his mind. He had ignored it when he was dueling Soulreaver. This time, he let the memory linger. It had been so long, Scorpion thought. He hadn't seen her in five long years. She had been nineteen then, he remembered. Chaosking looked at him quizically. As much as he didn't want to, Scorp brought himself back to the present.

Scorpion: "With his effect, I add Green Gadget from my deck to my hand! Next, I attack with Yellow Gadget and Red Gadget!"

Both machines leapt at Chaosking and punched him as hard as they could (Chaosking:5500). However, he simply brushed the dust off of his shoulder.

Chaosking: "Well that barely hurt."

Scorpion gritted his teeth and bit back a response. He knew that Chaosking was TRYING to get under his skin. To snap at Chaosking would be to do exactly what he wanted him to do.

Scorpion: "Turn end."
Chaosking: "My move! I activate Dark Hole!"

A gigantic black hole moved across the field and swallowed up both gadgets. Oddly, however, the hole moved over to the side of The Mainframe and stayed there.

Chaosking: "I summon another Zombie Master! Now by discarding Book of Moon, I can bring back Plaguespreader Zombie again! Behold this is the power of authority! Synchro summon! A surprise encounter, Goyo Guardian! Now, since there are exactly three dark attribute monsters in my grave, I can special summon Dark Armed Dragon!!"

Out of the black hole, a gigantic dragon walked out. It was huge, muscular, and armored. It was black and grey but with silver spikes on its tail and armor (2800). The black hole disappeared after that.

Chaosking: "Dark Armed Dragon's effect activates! I can remove Zombie Master from my grave to destroy a card on the field. I target your facedown trap! Now, Dark Armed Dragon, attack!"

Dark Armed swung its tail and caught Scorpion's feet and completely knocked him over on his back (5200).

Chaosking: "Goyo Guardian, attack!"

Scorpion knew from watching Vongola's duel that Goyo Guardian would make a feint to the left but really swing his chain overhand, and he was prepared for it. He raised his arm high and the chain wrapped around Scorp's duel disk. The spikes in it gouged into his forearm painfully, but did no lasting damage (2400). Chaosking looked at him disdainfuly.

Chaosking: "How do you expect to win, dueling like that? Turn end."


Vongola was standing outside of the cave when TheRuler ran up to him.

TheRuler: "Come need to see this."

Vongola went inside the cave. TheRuler led him to the far corner of the cave room, where the defeated Shadow Duelists were sleeping, unconcious. Only they weren't unconcious anymore. All three of them were sitting up against the wall with soup in their laps, eating ravenously. Metamaniac and Sabre looked up.

Metamaniac: "Vongola! Thank goodness your alive, I was afraid of what we might have done. Please don't hurt me, I didn't mean to, I promise. The demon just took control and there was nothing I can do, and he was so strong, and..."

Vongola held up a hand to silence Meta's babbling.

Vongola: "I don't blame you. I know there was nothing you could have done. But I need you to answer a few questions. Any information we can get about the Shadow Duelists will help. Do you guys remember anything?"

Meta and Sabre sat thoughtfully for a moment. Fouzman, on the other hand, was still greedily downing bowl after bowl of soup, barely coming up for air. Vongola frowned jokingly at Fouzman.

Vongola: "Fouzman, can you quit eating for two seconds?"

Fouzman smiled.

Fouzman: "Come on, I'm starving! I haven't eaten in forever!"
Vongola: "Um, Fouzman? I beat you two days ago. Meta and Sabre were beaten several weeks ago."
Fouzman: "Well..."

He gestured aimlessly with his spoon and continued eating. Sabre rolled his eyes.

Sabre: "ANYway, yeah, we do remember some. Vague bits, mostly. For me, I remember the intentions and thoughts of the The Silencer. What he was thinking, that kind of thing. The rest is a blur but I can basically piece together what happened from his thoughts."

Metamaniac looked around.

Metamaniac: "Where's Scorpion? I didn't defeat him did I?"
Vongola: "No. Right now he's going after the leader of The Shadow Duelists."

There was a sudden silence. Metamaniac and Sabre's eyes widened. Even Fouzman dropped his soup and his mouth gaped open. Vongola looked in alarm from person to person.

Vongola: "What?!"
Metamaniac: "Do you mean...Chaosking?"
Vongola: "Yeah, why?"

Metamaniac and Sabre shared looked at each other.

Sabre: "I....If Scorpion is dueling Chaosking...he's doomed."


Life points:
Scorpion:2400. Chaosking:5500

Scorpion closed his eyes, he needed a miracle draw to come back from this.

Scorpion: "Draw!"

He looked at the card, and his eyes widened. He couldn't believe his luck.

Scorpion: "Ha! I activate my copy of Dark Hole, now all of YOUR monsters are destroyed!"

The black hole once again swept across the field, sucking in Goyo Guardian and Dark Armed Dragon.

Scorpion: "Now, I summon Green Gadget in attack mode (1400)! Now I can add Red Gadget to my hand. Green Gadget, direct attack!

The little machine jumped across the field and punched Chaosking in the face (Chaosking:4100).

Scorpion: "Turn end."
Chaosking: "Draw! I summon Sangan in attack mode (1000)! Next, I activate Book of Life to bring back Plaguespreader Zombie! Great machine of destruction, bring death on all that is light! Synchro summon! Ally of Justice Catastor!

A spider-like machine appeared on the field (2200).

Chaosking: "Sangan's effect lets me add Spirit Reaper to my hand. Catastor, attack Green Gadget!"

Catastor's eyes glowed red, and Green Gadget exploded without a fight.

Chaosking: "Because of Catastor's effect, any monster it battles is destroyed before the damage step. All of your Gadgets are earth-type, so you can't beat him!"
Scorpion: "We'll see. First, I summon Red Gadget in attack mode (1300)! With his effect, I add Yellow Gadget from my deck to my hand. Now I activate Smashing Ground! This spell destroys the monster you control with the highest DEF! Since you only control one monster, Catastor is destroyed!"

The ground beneath Catastor exploded, and Catastor broke into two pieces and shattered. Chaosking actually smiled.

Chaosking: "Ah...I understand now. You actually DO have a strategy. Your entire spell and trap lineup is designed to destroy my cards, and your gadgets gain you card advantage each turn. Each turn you summon one, you get a card from your deck. Meanwhile, your spells and traps take out my cards one by one. Right now you have six cards in your hand and field, and I have only one. You hope to expend all my resources while you still have monsters in your hand, leaving me to topdeck. I must say, I'm somewhat impressed. I'm sure this strategy has gained you many victories over lesser opponents. But understand this: no matter how you try, you cannot control ME."

Chaosking looked thoughtful for a moment.

Chaosking: "Strange, though. Such a dueling style doesn't seem to suit a man such as yourself."

Scorpion nodded briefly. The strategy was indeed rather good, but as Chaosking said, it was not his first approach to dueling. Scorp had always been about showing off big monsters and winning with a bang. It was all about power.
Until he met Katrina.

Six Years Ago:

Scorpion was riding in the back of a car with a bunch of other guys. They had just got back from a local tournament that Scorpion had won. They were in the real world...Pseudospace had just been invented and it hadn't quite taken off yet.

Random guy: "Haha! Nice win Scorp! You waited until the very end and then: BAM!! You just took him out!!"
Random guy 2: "Nice otk man! He never saw it coming."

Scorpion gave them a wide, rogueish grin.

Scorpion: "Well that's what happens when you deal with the best!"

The other men whooped their approval and clapped him on the back. The car pulled up to a smallish house. The house itself was small and homely, but the proeperty was huge. There was a small forest in the backyard and in the cleared area there were flower gardens and orchards for several acres.

Scorpion: "All right boys, this is my stop."
Driver: "Cya later bro! Win us some more duels!"
Scorpion: "Will do."

Scorpion got out of the car and waved as it pulled away. He looked much the same as he did in the present, but younger. He had just turned nineteen, and his face looked young still. His black hair was even messier than usual, and instead of wearing the dressier clothes that marked him as an admin, he wore more casual clothes, which seemed to suit his easygoing personality better.

Scorp opened the fence that led to the orchard, making sure that he latched the gate behind him. Sunlight shone brightly through the tree canopy. There was a girl on a ladder, picking fruit on one of the trees. She looked over as she heard the sound of the gate closing, and waved enthusiastically at Scorpion. Scorpion's rogueish grin was replaced by a wistful, boyish look. The girl swiftly climbed down the ladder and ran to Scorpion, tackling him with a hug. She was much shorter than him, her head was only high enough to rest comfortable on his shoulder. Despite Scorpion's pretended self-confidence in other parts of his life, he felt butterflies in his stomach as she snuggled up against his shoulder and sighed peacefully. Scorp gently stroked her blonde hair and held her close to him. After a few seconds, she backed away slightly and looked at him. Scorpion was pleased to that see she still clung to him though.

Katrina: "I missed you."
Scorpion: "I know. I missed you too."

He smiled shyly at her.

Scorpion: "A lot."

Katrina studied him thoughtfully. Her eyes were so beautiful...they were so blue and deep, like an ocean. Scorp felt like he could get lost in those eyes forever, given the chance. Katrina leaned forward and lightly brushed her lips against his. They were so soft...

Scorp realized he was gaping slightly. Katrina smiled at his dopey expression. Her teeth were dazzlingly white and seemed to sparkle.

Katrina: "Welcome back."


They were in the house now, sitting on Katrina's bed. They talked for hours, catching up on all that had happened recently. It had only been about a month since Scorpion had seen her, but it seemed like forever.

Katrina: "So, I hear you've been making a name for yourself at dueling tournaments lately. Is that true?"

Scorp smiled.

Scorpion: "It sure is! You should have seen me today, I was destroying them! Most of them had good cards too, there were only a few guys with crap cards."

Katrina frowned slightly.

Katrina: "Crap cards?"
Scorpion: "Yeah, their monsters had such low attack points. They were barely even a challenge."

Katrina laughed lightly, and Scorpion melted inside. Her laugh was as beautiful as everything else about her. It reminded him of tinkling bells. Katrina waggled a finger under his nose in mock severity.

Katrina: "Come on Scorpy, you know no cards are REALLY useless. Anything can be good if you know how to use it. Even this."

She picked up a random common card from her nightstand and handed it to Scorpion. He furrowed his eyebrows.

Scorpion: "'Yellow Gadget'? offense Katrina, but this card isn't very good. At all."

Katrina flashed another smile at him. This time it was a bit mischevious.

Katrina: "Wanna bet? I'll duel you with three copies of this card in my deck and win."
Scorpion: "Oh really? Well I only have my tournament deck with would run over that deck."

Katrina waved her hand dismissively.

Katrina: "That'll do."
Scorpion: "Um...okay Katrina. But don't say I didn't warn you. My deck is very good and that gadget...uh, isn't. No offense."
Katrina: "None taken dear."

She winked at him playfully. Scorp shook his head at her. This was HIS game. He knew he would win.

Fifteen minutes later, he had lost.

Scorpion: " did you...?"

She smiled hugely at him, giving Scorpion butterflies again despite his disbelief at losing. Her smile was something that never got old.

Katrina: "I figured out the strength of the card, that's how. Scorp...everything has a purpose in life."

She stroked his cheek lightly with her hand and looked into his eyes with those amazing blue eyes.

Katrina: "You just...have to be patient enough to find what the purpose is. The time spent is worth the reward. Even if they seem like a mess at first."

Scorpion smiled, and knew that she wasn't just talking about trading cards.

The Present:

Scorpion's eyes teared as he remembered. He turned back to Chaosking.

Scorpion: "You're right. That isn't how I used to fight. But someone taught me that all cards have their own hidden power. Even weak ones."

He smiled sadly.

Scorpion: "When use correctly...the weak can best the strongest of all. And I don't just mean monsters."

Chaosking studied him thoughtfully.

Chaosking: "You truly are a different breed of human. You know you're weaker than me. Yet despite all my power and skill, you have no fear of me. Why?"

He looked at the Yellow Gadget in his hand, and Katrina's face sprung before his eyes. Scorpion leveled his gaze at Chaosking.

Scorpion: "Because I have something to fight for."

Chaosking met his gaze and kept eye contact, but nodded.

Chaosking: "Interesting. In a different day and age, we might have been friends."
Scorpion: "Yet here we are, locked in combat, with the fate of the world resting on who wins."
Chaosking: "Indeed. One of us must lose. One will live, and one will die."

Scorpion shook his head grimly while keeping eye contact.

Scorpion: "I won't fail."

Chaosking smiled wickedly, but the smile didn't hold as much contempt as before.

Chaosking: "It's your move."

Next time: Chapter 18: "Knight versus King, Part 2" 
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Is no one reading this :/? Please comment

The DGA Chronicles Season 1: Beginnings - Chapter 18: Knight Versus King, Part 2

Vongola frowned at Sabre, Metamaniac, and Fouzman, who were seated against the cave wall.

Vongola: "What do you mean 'doomed'?This is Scorp we're talking about! Almost no one can beat him!"
Sabre: "That's right. ALMOST no one can beat him. Most people can't. Chaosking can. He's have to stop Scorp Vongola."
Vongola: "It's too late, he's probably found him by now."

Sabre's eyes were serious.

Sabre: "You HAVE to try. At least try to find him and give him support."

Vongola looked around. TheRuler and John were chatting about their plans to escape FADA, and Fallen was still sitting by himself in the opposite corner. No one was paying any attention to him Vongola took a deep breath.

Vongola: "I'll be right back."

Life points:
Scorpion:2400. Chaosking:4100

Scorpion: "It's still my turn. I attack directly with Red Gadget!"

Once again, the little machine punched Chaosking as forcefully as it could, and this time Chaosking flinched a little at the impact. He was beginning to weaken. (Chaosking:2800).

Scorpion: "I set four cards and end my turn."

Scorpion had two Dimensional Prisons and two Solemn Warnings facedown. If his opponent were anyone else, he was almost guaranteed to win with so much card advantage and with so many traps laid out. Still, Scorpion had seen what Chaosking was capable of, even with a bad hand, and he knew he wasn't out of the woods yet.

Chaosking: "My move, draw! I set a monster in defense mode and set a card facedown and end my turn."
Scorpion: "What, no synchro summon? Have I weakened you that much?"
Chaosking: "We can play this game your way human. Your deck is all about keeping advantage and not overextending your resources. I can play along long enough to defeat you."

Scorpion snorted.

Scorpion: "Or maybe you're just out of options."
Chaosking: "Hardly. But are you going to prattle on about it all day or are you going to attempt to prove yourself right?"

Scorpion ignored him and drew.

Scorpion: "I summon Yellow Gadget in attack mode. He gets me Green Gadget from my deck, as I'm sure you know by now. Red Gadget attacks your facedown!"

Red Gadget punched blindly at the monster, and a frail-lookig zombie appeared. It wore a purple robe and carried a scythe (200). Red Gadget punched it, but the zombie merely caught the punch with its scythe, and threw Red Gadget back to Scorpion's side of the field

Chaosking: "You attacked Spirit Reaper. He cannot be destroyed by battle, no matter what battles it!"
Scorpion: "He can't be destroyed by battle at ALL? How is THAT fair?"
Chaosking: "I didn't say it was fair. My move!"

Chaosking studied his card carefully.

Chaosking: "Well, I see no need to do anything. I end my turn."
Scorpion: "Draw! Ugh..."

He had drawn Bottomless Trap Hole. Not a bad card, but it didn't help at the moment. What he really needed was another Smashing Ground so he could get rid of Spirit Reaper. Once he was gone he could come close to winning by attacking with all three gadgets.

Scorpion: "I summon Green Gadget in attack mode (1400). He gets me my last Red Gadget to my hand. I end my turn."
Vongola: "Scorp!"

Scorpion and Chaosking turned around at the sound of the voice. Vongola stood on the ground, near the base of The Mainframe.

Scorpion: "Vongola? What are you doing here?!"
Vongola: "Scorp, he's too dangerous, we have to get out of here!"
Scorpion: "Not until I save Pseudospace by defeating him."
Vongola: "Scorp, you don't can't beat him! He's too good. Sabre, sabre and the others woke up. They remember what The Shadow Duelists were trying to do, what they were trying to create. They know he's too powerful."

Scorpion seemed to consider that. Then he frowned and shook his head

Scorpion: "You just don't trust me do you?" 

Vongola bit his lip.

Vongola: "I'm sorry Scorp. I didn't want to disagree with you. But I also don't want to see you dead."
Chaosking: "It's too late for that I'm afraid."

They both turned to look at him.

Chaosking: "Your friend cannot quit this duel. This is a Shadow Duel, if he gives up, his life will be forfeit. Now duel."

Scorpion: "Fine by me."

Vongola was worried, but he noticed that Scorpion had the upper hand, and being unsupportive wasn't going to help him.

Vongola: "Scorp...good luck."

Chaosking: "With that, it's my turn. I draw! Hm...I end my turn."

Vongola raised an eyebrow. Scorpion shrugged.

Scorpion: "Draw!"

STILL no Smashing Ground. Scorpion was starting to get frustrated with Spirit Reaper. Chaosking's defeat was so close, yet he was untouchable while Spirit Reaper was on the field. Wait...he looked again at the card he just drew. Maybe it was useful after all.

Scorpion: "I tribute Yellow Gadget to advance summon Vanity's Fiend!"

Yellow Gadget disappeared, and in it's place a tall figure appeared. In some ways it appeared to be human, but there were strange parts about it. It had fur on its arms, and the left side of its face was disfigured. It wore a flowing black cloak and had long reddish hair (2400).

Scorpion: "While Vanity's Fiend is on the field, neither of us can special summon! Now all of your strategies are..."
Chaosking: "I activate Torrential Tribute."
Scorpion: "What? Why?! Your Spirit Reaper is gone now too!"

Chaosking ignored him. A huge wVe of water rushed out of the card and swallowed Green Gadget, Red Gadget, Vanity's Fiend, and Spirit Reaper.

Scorpion: "I end my turn."
Chaosking: "I draw!"

He smiled.

Chaosking: "It's here."
Scorpion: "WHAT'S here?"
Chaosking: "I activate Giant Trunade, which returns all of your facedowns to your hand."

Scorpion was beginning to get a bad feeling. Not only were special summon possible now, but his field was completely open. He began to truly feel fear for the first time.

Chaosking: "Next, I summon Goblin Zombie (1100). Lastly, I activate Plaguespreader Zombie's effect in my grave. By returning the last card in my hand to the top of my deck, I can special summon him! When the line between the dead and the living is blurred, the ruler of hell will descend upon this world! Synchro summon! Command, Revived King Ha Des!"

Another zombie rose from the crack in the roof. This one was clothed in a tattered purple robe with a skull on the chest. It had talon-like fingernails and his long, demonic tongue hung out of its mouth (2450).

Scorpion: "No!!!! That's impossible!!!!"
Chaosking: "Revived King Ha Des!! Attack him directly!"
Vongola: "Scorp!!!!!"

Ha Des grabbed Scorpion by the throat and held him high off the ground. Inside, Scorpion was devastated. He had failed everyone. He had failed Harper, Vongola, FADA, Katrina...even the world. He tried to picture Katrina's face one last time. Chaosking looked pitilessly at the struggling figure of Scorpion.

Chaosking: "Kill him."

Ha Des grinned, and dug his sharp nails into Scorpion's neck, piercing it. Scorp made a strangled gurgling sound and fell limp. Ha Des dropped him to the floor.

Vongola: "SCORP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

He looked at Scorp's still figure. He still wasn't moving.

Vongola: "No...this isn't"

Chaosking turned his golden eyes on Vongola. Vongola made eye contact and immediately wished he hadn't. Any courage he had remaining left him and he ran as fast as he could back to the caves.
Chaosking snorted. He drew two cards and summoned them on the field. They were the same monster.


The wolves were summoned on the ground on the ground, and they looked up questionally at Chaosking. He indicated to the running figure.

Chaosking: "Track him down."

Next time: Chapter 19: "The Last Stand"
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I just read the last 2 chapters. Sorry my friend, I was very busy as I said, I had to study for 10 exams. I'm very satisfied with the chapters. I like the way you develop the characters' emotions, actions and character. Very good description of the locations and a decent amount of action during the duels (I'm reading the duel parts very fast sometimes). Where have you been inspired from? Looking forward for the next one, sounds epic.

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Just epic,great chapters man,I can't wait for the next one
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Winduct: thanks bro! Hm...well I'm inspired by a lot of different things I suppose. Some of the stuff thy happens is "based" of what actually happened when we switched academies, but obviously it's heavily stylized and has clear antagonists haha.
Shock: thanks! Glad you're still reading it. Sorry for the wait

The DGA Chronicles Season 1: Beginnings - Chapter 19: The Last Stand

John and Tino were standing guard at the cave. The sky outside had been threatening to storm for the past twelve hours, and now it finally began to rain. Thunder boomed, and cold rain began falling from the sky. They both stiffened as an unknown figure came running towards them out of nowhere through the mist. Then they relaxed as they realized it was Vongola.

Tino: "What happened?"

His voice was urgent, but yet still not panicked. John often wondered how Tino could always be so calm. Vongola bent over and put his bands on his knees, panting.

Vongola: "Scorp...he...he lost."

John's mouth gaped. He closed his mouth, opened it as if to say something, and then closed it again.

Tino: "Lost."

It was a statement...and a question.

Vongola: "He lost the Shadow Duel and he...he...he's dead."

There was a long period of silence as the rain fell softly on their backs. John couldn't believe it. John had beaten Scorpion before, but he's always had the feeling that Scorp had let him win, or that he had been going easy in him. He'd had always figured that it was almost impossible for Scorp to lose. But now...

Tino: "We need to get out of here."

Vongola and John stared at him. 

Vongola: " exactly are we going to do that? The wall and gate are still electrified, and Chaosking is blocking our way."

This time, it was John and Tino that exchanged looks.

John: "Ray came back to the outside of the wall again last night. He was able to escape because he stole an electronic key from a Captain of The Children Of The Dark. It overrided the system and let him turn off the electricity and open the gate. He tossed the key over the fence to us."

This was new to Vongola.

Vongola: "Really? That will help a lot. But the fact remains: we still need to GET to the gate to be able to use it. Chaosking won't let us do that."

John shrugged, but Tino looked even more serious than usual.

Tino: "Then one of us needs to fight him."

Vongola shook his head sadly.

Vongola: "Normally, I would agree with you. But...he beat Scorp, Tino. Scorp was one of the best duelists I know. What are we going to do, send everyone in the academy after him one after the other until we're all dead?"
Tino: "No."

He looked grim.

Tino: "It'll only take one more. Chaosking can only be in one place at a time. If he's dueling someone...the rest of the academy can escape."

John blinked.

John: "A diversion?"
Tino: "Yes. There's no need to put any more people in danger."
John: "But that would require someone sacrificing themselves. Who's willing to do that?"

Vongola swallowed hard.

Vongola: "I think the answer to that is obvious. I brought Harper to this academy, he's my responsibility. And I'm the head administrator students' safety comes first."

There was dead silence following this remark.

John: "I don't know if I could take it if you and Scorp both..."

He choked a little and stopped talking.

Tino: "Vongola...I need to talk to you for a second."

He put his arm around Vongola's shoulder and they walked away for a short distance until they were alone.

Tino: "LNoir."

Vongola blinked in surprise as Tino called him by his real name. He never did that.

Tino: "They need you LNoir. The students. Yuri left them. Richlik betrayed them. Scorpion died on them. Fallen King is too depressed to do anything. They don't trust TheRuler since he was appointed by Richlik. They need an admin that they know they can rely on. I doubt that they will follow some random person who will take them in the direction of Chaosking. They need to know that the plan is reliable. And for that...they need you."

Vongola took a deep breath.

Vongola: "What do you propose we do then? If not me, then who will sacrifice themself to Chaosking?"

Tino smiled thinly...which was a little odd actually. Vongola had only seen him smile once or twice in the long time he had known him.

Tino: "I'll fight."
Vongola: "You will."

Just like Tino's had been, Vongola's words were meant to be both a statement and a question.

Tino: "I'll do it. Maybe I can even stop him."
Vongola: "But...why?"

Tino snorted.

Tino: "The same reason you wanted to. We need to protect our students. I want to avenge Scorpion and Jalice. And I want to see how my skills compare to Chaosking's. Even if it kills me."

In fact, this was exactly why Vongola had wanted to fight. He simply nodded.

Vongola: "Okay."

He grasped Tino's shoulder.

Vongola: "Good luck out there."

Tino nodded, unable to speak.

Vongola: "Are you going to just go out and try to find Chaosking or..."

Suddenly, over the sound of the rain, they could hear snarling and barking as two animals approached. As they got closer, they could see that the beasts were hideosly deformed wolves. They had rotting skin, long slobbery tongues, and mangy fur.

Vongola: "Zombies, run!"

They had a head start on the Plague Wolves: they had only walked a short distance away from the caves. But the wolves were fast, and tore after them at lightning speed. Tino and Vongola barely managed to run inside the caves before the wolves approached the entrance. On their way in Tino and Vongola passed Sabre and Mizara, the Archfiend Leader. Sabre and Mizara both had their duel disks out.

Sabre: "I summon Amazoness Queen!"
Mizara: "I summon Breaker, The Magical Warrior!"

The two warriors appeared in a flash of light, and brandished their swords. The wolves continued running with no hesitation, and leapt directly at the defending monsters. The first wolf got quickly cut in half in midair by Amazoness Queen's blade, but the other wolf got the better of Breaker, and almost tore his shield arm off entirely. It latched onto his shield and wouldn't let go. Breaker whacked it repeatedly with his sword, and finally detatched the demonic canine from his shield. It growled at him and tried to pounce again, but Breaker held steady and brandished his sword as a warning. The wolf miraculously leapt backwards just as Amazoness Queen swung her sword at it, avoiding the strike completely. It snarled at them both, and then took off back in the direction from which it had come. Sabre and Mizara replaced the cards into their decks.

Mizara: "All clear!"

Tino and Vongola came back out of the cave. Mizara gestured to the dead wolf. It was bloody and cut in two. It's blood began mixing with the water raining down relentlessly. Its dead eyes stared lifelessly into the sky as thunder boomed.

Mizara: "We got one, but the other escaped."

Vongola looked at the twisted figure on the ground.

Vongola: "Then it's settled then. Chaosking knows where we are. Thanks for your help you two, now come inside out of the rain...we have a lot of talking to do."


The entire remnant of FADA was gathered in the main cave room. Vongola and Tino stood at the front of the assembly.

Vongola: "You're probably wondering why I've called a meeting of all of you. Well I'll tell you: we're finally getting out of here."

At this, a lot of the students murmured to each other.

Blackrose Student: "Really?! How?"
Vongola: "Ray, who most of you know, brought us the electronic key that will allow us to unlock the gate and shut down the electricity. We are all going to make a mad dash for the exit."
Stardust Student: "But what about that Chaosking guy? He's still out do we know he won't kill us if we leave?"

Vongola took a deep breath as he prepared to give the terrible news.

Vongola: "He will kill us if we STAY. He knows we're here now."

This time there was an outburst of protest, and Vongola had to raise his voice to be heard.

Vongola: "BUT...we have a plan!"

The talking stopped.

Vongola: "When Chaosking gets here, Tino, our Stardust Blue Leader, will duel him one on one. That will give the rest of us the opportunity to escape. Chaosking cannot kill us if he's dueling Tino. He should buy us plenty of time to get to the other side of the academy, open the gate, and get miles away before Chaosking can even begin to chase after us."

The talking and murmuring died down quite a bit: The plan actually made a lot of sense. Then a young Blackrose Student spoke up. He was only about twelve.

Blackrose Student 2: "But...what about Tino?"

Suddenly, the rest of the students also understood the implicatioandif the plan and there was a chorus of complaints.

Archfiend Student: "Yeah! You can't just decide to sacrifice him like that!"
Stardust Student 2: "How can you let Tino get hurt?!"
Tino: "It was my decision."

At this, the talking completely stopped. The entire assembly respected Tino, and knew that he didn't speak, at all, unless it was important.

Tino: "My decision. My idea as a matter of fact. I know what you're thinking: 'He must be suicidal!' No. I don't want to die. I enjoy life, I enjoy what I do. I enjoy you, my students. But that's why it has to be me. What other option is there? If we don't do this now, that will only give Chaosking the opportunity to kill you too. And that I cannot bear. I have enjoyed being your teacher, your leader...and for some, your mentor. It's been a pleasure to know you all, but my time is now at an end. I wish you all good luck with the rest of your lives."

At this, he turned around and walked into a side cave to be by himself. There was a stunned silence for everyone. Everyone was sad at the news. Some even started crying.

Vongola: "Everyone...pack up your things. Be ready to move at a moment's notice. We leave FADA as soon as Chaosking arrives."

And with that, he walked away as well.


Vongola found Tino in the cave where Harper had found his Synchro Cat deck. He sat underneath one of the gazebos, and had his cards laid out on a table. He seemed to be reconstructing his deck.

Vongola: "Hey."

Tino looked up.

Tino: "Hey."
Vongola: "So...what are you up to?"
Tino: "Creating my deck for the match."

Vongola nodded.

Vongola: "I have to ask: what deck do you actually use? I've heard many different things from many different people."
Tino: "They're probably all correct. I create a new deck for every important duel I play. I suit the playstyle appropriately to what I know about the duelist."
Vongola: "What's your plan for Chaosking?"

Tino laced his fingers together and stared intently at his cards.

Tino: "Duelists such as him are the hardest to defeat. They have highly explosive decks with high consistancy levels. Nothing less would suit them. Scorpion attempted to control the chaos of Chaosking's deck, but failed. Scorpion is one of the better anti-meta players I know of. If he cannot control Chaosking's deck, I doubt I can. So, I will fight fire with fire. I'll be the aggressor and use a deck type we're both familiar with."
Vongola: "I see."

And he did. He knew exactly what deck Tino had in mind.


Tino stood outside in the pouring rain. Lightning flashed around him. Suddenly, the lightning struck right in front of him, illuminating the whole area around him. To Tino's surprise, Chaosking was right in front of him. He nodded politely at Chaosking.

Tino: "Evening Harper."

He spoke as if they were inside having tea. Chaosking sneered at him.

Chaosking: "Harper is gone, fool. But I'm sure you know that by now."
Tino: "Perhaps."

He still had an unwavering voice.

Tino: "Or perhaps your power is only boasted and Harper is still inside of you."
Chaosking: "'Perhaps' you have a deathwish."

Tino smiled widely at him.

Tino: "No offense...but I've heard better blustering comebacks from a five-year old girl."
Chaosking: "Hah. Very funny human. What is this, a verbal debate now? Enough pointless bickering, I already tire of it. You WILL learn respect...though you will only have a few more minutes remaining in your life to be able to apply it."

Tino closed his eyes, and slowly opened them.

Tino: "You still don't get it."

Chaosking looked questionally at him.

Tino: "I'm not afraid of you demon. I never will be. Now. Get. Out. Of. My. Friend."

Chaosking threw back his head and laughed maniacally.

Chaosking: "You think you can order me around?!?! ME?!?! Very well. If it'a a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get. You can play the hero all you want little human, but you will lose anyway. You know that."

Tino smiled slyly at him.

Tino: "I only hear talk. Prove it."
Chaosking: "Have it your way. No more talk. That's what I wanted from the beginning."

He extended his arm, and shadows whirled around it, forming a duel disk. Tino took his deck from his pocket and put it in his Stardust Blue duel disk. He activated it.
Despite the rain, twin circles of purple fire ignited around the two duelists, signifying that it was a Shadow Duel. There was no turning back now. Chaosking grinned evily at Tino as lightning flashed behind him.

Tino/Chaosking: "Duel!"

Next time: Chapter 20: "The Last Stand, Part 2"
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PostSubject: Re: The DGA Chronicles Season 1: Beginnings - Chapter 21: Aftermath   Sat Feb 05, 2011 5:21 pm

I have two more pages to read (4 & 5) but I'll have to say that your fanfic is awesome up to page 3! I'll update this post (or make another one) once I read it all! Very nice :)



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PostSubject: Re: The DGA Chronicles Season 1: Beginnings - Chapter 21: Aftermath   Sun Feb 06, 2011 11:42 am

Very good. Well written and epic, kinda reminded me of Harry Potter. There was alot of action and I liked the dark atmosphere. The shadow duel disk is pretty cool. It took me alot of time to read it though, big one.

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PostSubject: Re: The DGA Chronicles Season 1: Beginnings - Chapter 21: Aftermath   Mon Feb 14, 2011 12:46 pm

Sinakis: thanks! I hope you enjoy the latest chapters too! Hm...I don't think I did, what mistake specifically do you mean?
Winduct: thanks! Harry Potter is awesome so that makes me happy :). This next one is even longer but I didn't want to make it into two

sorry for the wait, here's the next chapter:
The DGA Chronicles Season 1: Beginnings - Chapter 20: The Last Stand, Part 2

Life Points:
Tino:8000. Chaosking:8000

A smoky, dark aura glowed around Chaosking's entire body. It occasionaly pulsated and surged with power.

Chaosking: "I'll go first. Draw! I set a monster facedown and two cards face down and end my turn."
Tino: "Odd. Playing defense isn't what I expected from you."
Chaosking: "Likewise. But that's why we did it, is it not? Because it's unexpected."

Tino said nothing, but knew he was right.

Tino: "My move then! Draw!

Excellent. He had a good setup. As long as he didn't misplay he should do fine against Chaosking.

Tino: "I set a monster in defense position and one card to my spell and trap card zone. Turn end."
Chaosking: "Draw! I pass."

Now Tino was really starting to be confused. What was Chaosking playing at?"


Vongola prepared the students to leave. Everyone had what they were going to bring together, and were ready to go. The students were divide into two groups. One group was led by Vongola and Mizara, and the other group was led by Fallen King and TheRuler. The idea was to keep Chaosking preoccupied with both groups, so he would be unable to focus on one or the other. It was more of a redundancy than anything, since he would probably be too busy dueling Tino to actually do anything. Still, it never hurt to be careful. SabreW was in Vongola's group. Despite his former allegiance to The Shadow Duelists, Vongola felt that he could trust him.

Sabre: "Are we ready?"

Vongola took out a flashlight, and blinked it twice across the plain. TheRuler responded with his two blinks. Everyone was ready.

Vongola: "Yeah. Let's go."


Tino: "I draw! I summon Flamvell Firedog in attack mode!"

A light portal appeared, and Flamvell Firedog leapt though it in a burst of light. It burned bright, even in the rain. Chaosking grunted in pain and held his head in his hands.


Harper stood in DUA/FADA's dueling arena. He was dueling Richlik. Elemental Hero Sparkman was on Richlik's field.

Harper: "I summon Flamvell Firedog in attack mode! Firedog, attack his Sparkman!"

Firedog leapt at Sparkman and smashed him to pieces with its claws.

The Present: 

Chaosking still held his head in his hands.

Chaosking: " can stop me by copying my host's deck?"
Tino: "It's no copy. I have my own build of Flamvells. Furthermore, I was the one who gave you the idea to use Flamvells with Rescue Cat. Remember Harper?"

Chaosking nodded. He DID remember. Wait, no! He wasn't Harper anymore, he was Chaosking!

Chaosking: "Nice try, but Harper is mine fool."
Tino: "We'll see. I attack your facedown monster with Flamvell Firedog!"

Chaosking's facedown card flipped up, revealing a turtle with a pyramid on its back instead of a shell (1400). Firedog cut it in two.

Chaosking: "You destroyed my Pyramid Turtle! When he's destroyed by battle and sent to the graveyard, I can special summon one zombie-type monster from my deck with 2000 or less defense points. I choose Spirit Reaper!"
Tino: "My Firedog's effect activates! When he destroys an opponent's monster by battle, I can special summon a fire-attribute monster with 200 or less defense points from my deck. I choose Flamvell Magician!"

Spirit Reaper and Flamvell Magician appeared on the field at the same time. Magician ignited his fists, and Spirit Reaper snarled at him. (Flamvell Magician:1400 ATK. Spirit Reaper:200 DEF).

Tino: "Now I'll go into Main Phase 2. Clustering wishes will bring forth a new shining star. Become the path it shines upon! Synchro summon! Stardust Dragon!"

Stardust Dragon shone bright, even in the dark and rainy atmosphere (2500).

Chaosking: "Not so fast, I activate Solemn Warning! By paying 2000 of my Life Points, Stardust's summon is negated!"


Tino: "Turn end."
Chaosking: "Draw! I activate Foolish Burial to send Plaguespreader Zombie to the graveyard. I end my turn."
Tino: "My move. I flip summon my monster: Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter! Now I can destroy your set spell or trap card and send the top three cards of my deck to the graveyard. Next, I tribute Ryko to advance summon Caius The Shadow Monarch!"

An armored figure with a purple cloak was summoned to the field. His eyes burned a bright red and he held a sphere of pure dark energy (2400).

Tino: "Caius's effect activates. When he's summoned, I can remove one of your cards from play! I choose Spirit Reaper! And since Spirit Reaper is a dark monster, I inflict 1000 damage to you!"

Caius threw his sphere of darkness at Spirit Reaper, and Reaper disappeared inside of it (Chaosking:5000).

Tino: "Caius, direct attack!"

Caius summoned another sphere of darkness and threw it violently at Chaosking (Chaosking:2600). Chaosking collapsed under the impact, and fell to his knees.


Vongola saw the blast of energy as Caius's blast hit.

Vongola: "This is as good of an opportunity as we're going to get. Move out!"

Despite the fact that they were only a kilometer away from Chaosking, he didn't notice the movement in the backround. Both groups passed Tino and Chaosking without incident. When they had safely past, they broke into a run, heading for the front gate.
As they approached The Mainframe, Vongola paused. He looked up to the roof of The Mainframe, where Scorp's body still lay. Vongola muttered to himself.

Vongola: "Scorp...I swear: one day, I will return and give you a proper funeral."

He saluted Scorpion, sighed, then continued running. TheRuler's group had beaten them to the gate and were already in the guardhouse, unlocking the gate. Already, Vongola no longer heard the hum of electricity, so they must have already taken care of that.
Fallen came running out of the guardhouse.

Fallen: "Vongola! We're ready!"

They stood together as the giant double doors swung open. It revealed the wild hills and muddy pathways leading back to civilization. Never before had the sight looked so welcoming to the members of FADA
Never before had it given them so much hope.


Life Points:
Tino:8000. Chaosking:2600

Chaosking was still on one knee, panting. Tino simply stood calm and straight-backed in the pouring rain with his arms folded.

Chaosking: "S...stop..."
Tino: "Stop? Stop what? Fightning you?repaying your evil?!"
Chaosking: "Stop...h...stop holding back."

Tino's eyes widened.

Tino: "What did you say?"
Chaosking: "Stop holding me your full power, or not at all."

Tino's eyes narrowed.

Tino: "Fine. If that's what you want, I'll defeat you next turn. I end my turn for now."

Chaosking smiled, and slowly stood up. He ran his fingers through his hair, and brushed it out of his eyes. 

Chaosking: "It's my turn Tino."

He looked at the card he had drawn.

Chaosking: "Interesting. I activate Allure of Darkness. I draw two cards and then remove from play Caius The Shadow Monarch. I summon Zombie Master in attack mode set a spell or trap and end my turn."
Tino: "What? Why didn't you set him?"
Chaosking: "Do I worry you? Attack him if you dare."

Tino clenched his fists.

Tino: "I'M NOT AFRAID OF YOU! I activate Rekindling! It allows me to special summon as many fire monsters with 200 or less defense as i can from my grave. And I choose Flamvell Firedog and Flamvell Magician! Surge, my black mist of vengeance! Synchro summon! Come, Thought Ruler Archfiend!"

A green, black, and orange demon appeared on the field. It looked immensely strong and had poisoness-looking breath (2800).

Tino: "Thought Ruler, attack!"

Thought Ruler Archfiend breathed poison gas on Zombie Master and it exploded. Chaosking grunted in pain and dropped to his knees again (Chaosking:1600). When the smoke cleared, a giant, crab-like demon was on the field (Defense:1800)

Chaosking: "Tragoedia's effect activates. When I take damage, he is special summoned to my field. His attack and defense are equal to the number of cards in my hand times 600. Since I have three, his attack is 1800."
Tino: "Grr...fine. But Thought Ruler's effect gives me the attack points of your monster as life points (Tino:9800). I attack Tragoedia with Caius and end my turn." 
Chaosking: "Hahaha."

Tino gave a weird look to Chaosking, who was still on his knees and almost dead. Chaosking smiled dementedly.

Chaosking: "Hahahahaha...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

Tino tried to keep his aura of calm, even though Chaosking's insane laughter worried him quite a bit.

Tino: "Something funny?"
Chaosking: "You. That's all you've got. Your power is spent."
Tino: "It's more than enough to defeat you."
Chaosking: "That's where you're wrong."

He raised his arms in the air as he stood back up.

Chaosking: "From this point on, I will no longer lose any life points at your hand! It's time to die Tino!"

He closed his eyes and the darkness around him surged in strength.

Chaosking: "My turn! I summon Zombie Master! By discarding Mezuki, I can special summon Plaguespreader Zombie in my grave! Frozen lands that are engulfed in ice, Bear witness to the soul of your guardian! Synchro summon! Brionac, Dragon of The Ice Barrier!"

Brionac snorted and frost came out of it's nostrils (2300).

Tino: "Reverse card open! Bottomless Trap Hole! Now your precious synchro monster is removed from play!"
Chaosking: "Not before I call priority to use his effect! I discard Book Of Moon to return Thought Ruler Archfiend to your extra deck!"
Tino: "Fine."
Chaosking: "I activate Plaguespreader Zombie's effect! By returning the last card in my hand to the top of my deck, I can special summon him from my grave. Rraaaaagggggghh!"

Chaosking seemed to be on fire. Purple flames rages all around him.

Chaosking: "Behold! This is the power of authority! Synchro summon! A surprise encounter, Goyo Guardian!"

Chaosking chuckled quietly to himself.

Chaosking: "This is the end. I reveal my last facedown card: Return From The Different Dimension. By paying half of my life points, I can special summon all of my removed from play monsters!"
Tino: "What?!?!?!"
Chaosking: "I summon Brionac (2300)! Caius (2400)! Mezuki (1700)! Plaguespreader Zombie (400)! (Chaosking:800))"

Tino didn't know what to do. He was doomed.

Chaosking: "I tune Mezuki with Plaguespreader Zombie! When the line between the dead and the living is blurred, the ruler of hell will descend upon this world! Synchro summon! Command, Revived King Ha Des!"

He extended his hand.

Chaosking: "Goyo Guardian, attack Caius!"

Caius punched back at Goyo, but was crushed by his superior strength (Tino:9400)

Chaosking: "My Caius attacks directly!"

Caius summoned a ball of dark energy and threw it at Tino. Tino was knocked backwards and fell to the ground. (Tino:7000). 

Chaosking: "Brionac attacks directly!"

Brionac's freezing breath froze Tino in place so he could not dodge the next assault (Tino:4700).

Chaosking: "Ha Des attacks directly!"

Ha Des brutally stomped Tino's face into the ground, giving him a bloody nose (Tino:2250). Chaosking looked distastfully at Tino, who wasn't moving.

Chaosking: "Did you really think that you could defeat me?"


Even though FADA SEEMED like it was in the middle of nowhere and secluded, civilizatiom was actually not that far away. It only took Vongola's group about an hour of running nonstop to get to the nearest city. Ray ha instructed them to meet him at a certain tall building. The building was actually made up of two, twin structures that were conected at a certain point. They saw Ray and two teenagers at the front door or the building

Ray: "Guys! You made it!"

He rushed to them and hugged John.

Ray: "Don't worry, you're all safe now. I was able to talk to the President and he has a team of duelists ready to take down any remaining Shadow Duelists or Children Of The Dark."

Ray gestures to the two teenagers who were with him.

Ray: "This is Vem and Iverson. These guys are the best! They run an academy called Synchro Duel Academy and they've invited to take us all in and helped me get a few minutes to talk to Kaiba."
Vem: "Good to meet you! Ray's told us a lot about you...something tells me we're going to be friends for a long time.

Vongola shook hands with them, but was uncharacteristically silent.

Iverson: "Something wrong? Do you want to stay somewhere else?"

Vongola shook his head.

Vongola: "Your help is very much appreciated and i'm glad my students are safe. But to get them here, I had to leave two good friends behind. And we lost several others while we were there.

Vem clapped him on the shoulder.

Vem: "I'm sorry bro."


Life Points:
Tino:2250. Chaosking:800

It was still raining, and it thundered as rain continued to fall on Tino's fallen form. Tino moaned, and tried to speak, but it sounded something like "ohhm t aidoeu". Chaosking laughed.

Chaosking: "What? I didn't quite catch that!"

Tino painfully rolled over.

Tino: "I...said...I'm"

Chaosking narrowed his eyes, amused expression gone.

Chaosking: "Then prove it you slime."

Tino somehow managed to stand up, despite his extreme pain.

Tino: "I...draw. I activate Allure Of Darkness. I draw two cards and remove Gravekeeper's Spy."

Tino closed his eyes and concentrated. If he didn't draw exactly what he needed, he was dead. Plain and simple.

Tino: "Draw! Yes!!! I activate Dark Hole!"

A gigantic black hole swept across the whole field, sucking in all of Chaosking's gigantic monsters. However, since he had removed Spy, Tino had no more monsters in his hand.

Tino: "I end."
Chaosking: "Draw!"

Interesting, he could use that card. But it wasn't needed, Mezuki was still in the grave.

Chaosking: "I use Mezuki's effect! I remove him to special summon Revived King Ha Des from my grave!"
Tino: "I chain D.D. Crow to the effect and remove Ha Des!"
Chaosking: "What?!"

He looked at the card in his hand: Book Of Life. There was little choice but to use it now. But how? He could summon a zombie in defense mode to protect his life points...but it would surely be destroyed next turn.

Chaosking: "I activate Book Of Life! It allows me to special summon Zombie Master from my graveyard!"

Once again, the undead teenager was summoned to the field (1800).

Chaosking: "Zombie Master, destroy him!"

Zombie Master hit Tino as hard as it could, and he reeled backwards under the impact (Tino:450). But he was smiling.

Chaosking: "Are you happy that you will soon join your friends?"
Tino: "I special summon Gorz, The Emissary Of Darkness!!!!!!!!"
Chaosking: "WHAT??!?!?! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!!"
Tino: "No it's not! He was the other card I drew with Allure! You're finished Chaosking!"
Chaosking: "Nooooooooooo!!!!"

Chaosking surged with power, and blue and purple flames burst everywhere. He spoke, and his voice was even more heavily distorted than usual.

Chaosking: "If I'm going back to that cursed place, you're coming with me!"

He summoned a sphere of dark energy, much like Caius's. Tino hurried and drew for his turn before Chaosking could throw it.

Tino: "My turn! Gorz, attack Zombie Master!"

Gorz's sword and the sphere of darkness both surged towards their targets. of them hit.

Two Days Later:

Vem and Vongola stood in the front entrance of SDA. Unlike in FADA, there was a tall-roofed front room, and the front room led directly into the dining room.

Vem: "Your students seem to fit in well here in SDA."
Vongola: "Indeed. So do I I think. But yet...I want my own academy. I want them to still be my students instead of them just being in SDA. Is that selfish of me?"

Vem shook his head. 

Vem: "I don't think so. I'm sure I would feel the same way. Besides, I think we could think of something for..."

The huge double doors suddenly banged open, and Vongola and Vem turned around to see who was there. A man stood in the doorway. His clothes were caked in mud and blood, and his messy black hair was tangled. He wore a navy t-shirt, ragged jeans, and carried another young man in his arms. The unconcious man wore a black trenchcoat.

Tino: "It's over."

Next time: Chapter 21: "Aftermath"
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I 've read the latest 3 Chapters though. When I have time I will read the whole story, but you write a lot.. So it's kinda difficult.
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The DGA Chronicles Season 1: Beginnings - Chapter 21: Aftermath
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