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 Test for TheChaz

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zettaisha seigi
zettaisha seigi

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PostSubject: Test for TheChaz   Fri Jul 09, 2010 1:35 pm

O.o this deck was strange gg's

Match Result : 2-1 : (2/3)

Ruling Knowledge/Awareness : (8/10)
-Caius, the Shadow Monarch card lore (-1)
-Cyber Valley effect type (-1)

Well the first mistake you did was with caius, sending to the graveyard some cards that should be removed instead.
Also you did a mistake activate valley's effect on my turn. valley is a spell speed 1 monster and only its first effect can be activated in my turn because its effect specifies it. The other 2 effects can be only used in your turn.

Deck Build : (9/10)
Your deck was strange. I do not want to say more. It was a good idea for a fun-deck but fairly competitive and it suceeded because i had crappy draws (for first time in my life), it was quite original so (9/10)

Using your deck and playstyle : (13/15)
You used your deck as good as you could with the built you chosen. I spotted small mistakes like activating heavy just for a card..

Total score : 32
Your dorm is brionac blue 1/3. Sorry i didn't write much, but i am sleepy :/
i may edit the post later ;)

Achievements :
Winner of Official Kaiba Corp Tournament (KC)
Winner of Battle of the Demigods V2 (KC)
Winner of Attribute Tournament (TDA)
Winner of Det's Shadow Tour (TDA)
2nd Place of Tag Team Tournament (TDA)
3rd Place of Teh Tournamento (TDA)
3rd Place in DA's YCS (DA)
Winner of 1 KC Live - (107)

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Test for TheChaz
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