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 Test results for Tsuna Sawada

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New Member

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PostSubject: Test results for Tsuna Sawada   Sun Jul 25, 2010 10:46 pm

overd0se.KayKay vs Tsuna Sawada

Blackwing vs Machina Gadget | 2-1
Jinzo Beatdown vs Dark World | 2-0

Really nice games. You've put me under pressure with your machinas unfortunately only your 2nd duel was a win, but a very nice one.

Your playing style is more defensive. But i think a little too defensive. Try to play more aggressive cards (more in the Deckbuild section). The only offensive action cmes if your Machina Fortress comes out.

Your Decks are Pretty nice built but there are some cards that dont fit in. Like that level 10 Machina and Gadgjiltron in your first deck. Another bad thing was the overuse of traps. I saw you playing alot of Prisons and BTH's. In your 2nd you used defensive cards like Battle Fader. You should try to play Dark World offensive. I dont know how many Battle Fader you have but 1 is definitly enough.

In the Game you did jsut made 2 mistakes, better said 2 mistakes in 1 move xD. You played Future fusion but you didnt show your Fusion monster. Your opponent cant do this all the time. Try to think twice before you continue ;). The 2nd Mistake was that you wanted to summon Chimeratech Fortress Dragon. He can only be summoned if you have your Monsters on the field. Better check the Rulings 2x before testing a tactic ;). A plus is that you saw a little mistake of me with D.D. Crow and Machina fortress. I can't activate Crow because the summin is inherit and doesnt start a chain. In the Quiz you was 75% right. The only thing you didnt know was that Royl Oppression cant negate Gorz.

You have some potencial to be a good duelist, but your have to learn a bit about the playing style ;), thats why I put you the Wurm Purple dorm. Congratz ;)

Make your way into your dorm and open your room ;)
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zettaisha seigi
zettaisha seigi

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PostSubject: Re: Test results for Tsuna Sawada   Mon Jul 26, 2010 3:19 am

Thanks for doing that test overdose, i had to leave and didn't finish the test with tsuna ;) .


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Test results for Tsuna Sawada
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