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 Test for Palawnikk

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PostSubject: Test for Palawnikk   Mon Aug 09, 2010 1:48 am

Test Results for Palawnikk

1 Match
Winner : Stef

Deck Build

You only showed me your Lightsworn deck, it had many flaws, it was neither fast or stable, and had many unneeded cards like Garonith and 2-3 Destruction Jammers. It also lacked originality.

Points Gained : 10/20


You lacked awareness throughout the duels and did not notice what I did, you also did not read the effects of my cards. I used soul exchange and attacked on the same turn 3 times, and you didn't notice, I also used Ryko's effect and didn't mill, I didn't shuffle and I did some other mistakes you didn't notice that may have costed you the duel.

Points Gained : 7/25

Ruling Knowledge

Here Ill rate your card knowledge too.
You did MANY mistakes, you don't know the effects of your cards and if it wasn't a test, I would leave on the first duel because someone would say that you're cheating.

- You didn't know that Lightsworns mill on your end phase, you sometimes milled in my battle phase or in my main phase, and one time you summoned Aurkus and milled in main phase 1 on the same turn.

- When I activated bottomless trap hole on your monster, you sent it to the grave, and you did this twice

- I destroyed a set Trap/Spell with ryko's effect and you activated Destruction Jammer

- The first time you summoned Judgment Dragon and used your priority, I activated bottomless trap hole, but you didn't pay 1000 life points. Paying 1000 life points is a COST, not an effect.

- You NEVER milled 4 cards with Judgment Dragon and you summoned him several times. Read his WHOLE effect carefully.

- You used Lyla's effect and in the next turn you changed her in attack position. Her effect states that she CAN'T change her battle position until the end of your next turn, except with a card effect

- You forgot to mill with Lyla sometimes.

- You never shuffled when you should have.


I asked you 2 questions :

- The first one was if you can bottomless or oppression Gorz, you answered you can. The answer is you can't

- The second one was if Ehren Attacks Ryko what will happen, and you answered that we will both take our monsters in our hands, meaning you don't know Ehren's effect while I saw you played one in your deck.

Points Gained : 4/20

Playstyle & Decisions

You do not have a really good playstyle but you can improve it, you also made the wrong decisions and that made you lose both duels, to avoid doing this, learn what your cards do and think how to make combos and several strategies, and then think carefully before doing something.

Points Gained : 7/25

Overall/Personal Impression

You are not a really good duelist but I believe you can improve, even though you have a BIG disadvantage that won't let you improve quickly, and that is because you don't speak English really good. You can't really play competitive YGO without knowing english. You had a good character and you were having fun playing, and that's good for both of the players playing, but if you really want to enjoy the game you should learn what your cards do, you can ask advice from TheBlader if he wants to help you.

Points Gained : 5/10

*No Secret Bonus Points Earned*


Final Score : 35/100

Your rank is :

Mist Wurm

Congratulations, go make a room in your dorm :)

If you have any complaints, corrections or anything else, leave
them IN ONE POST in this topic, I shall lock it afterward. If you
don't leave any comment until tomorrow, I will lock it, so if you
couldn't say anything then, you can just pm me :)


All kinds of manga/anime fan,
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Test for Palawnikk
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