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 Rosum's Test Results

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PostSubject: Rosum's Test Results   Tue Aug 10, 2010 8:32 am

We had 3 really fun duels,the result was 1-2 his favour :D I believe he'll do much better next time though :/

Deck Build: 10/15

You used only one deck,the gemini one.It had some flaws and some cards that shouldn't have been there,like Dark Resonator.Also,the tuned magician deck seemed inconsistent :/ and you have no Gemini spark which is a great card.However,you were able to pull off your combos and summon cards like phoenix gearfried and black brutrago multiple times,and that gives you points :)

Ruling Knowledge And Awareness: 3/20

We have a lot of things here,you didn't go quite well in this category but no matter.Your mistakes were

-2 You did not make me discard one card when I had 7 during my end phase.

-4 You forgot or just didn't know that birthright is removed from the field when the monster is not when it's destroyed (twice)

-2 forgot that plague is removed when summoned by his effect

-6 You apperantly didn't know or just forgot that the monster summoned with swing of memories is destroyed
during the end of the turn (three times)
-3 And lastly you mistook goblin zombie's effect for spirit reaper's

Playstyle: 14/20

Your playstyle was nearly perfect with only minor flaws,and sometimes not judging correctly the situation,I mean if your opponent just sets one card and summons nothing while you have 3 face-down monsters,his card could be torrential.And some other examples of that kind

Match Result: 10/15

Well you lost one so I substracted 5 from your total score 15.Remember that it is not a match ;)

Questions: 0/15

None answered correctly

Total Score: 37 out of 85

Rank: Mist Wurm

Yay My first test :3
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Rosum's Test Results
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