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 Test result for BERKAY

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zettaisha seigi
zettaisha seigi

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PostSubject: Test result for BERKAY   Tue Aug 10, 2010 10:59 am

Match Result : (1/3)
LaDD Kitty Monarch vs Flamvellsworn : 2-1

Ruling Knowledge/Awareness : (6/10)
(-1) Not aware of Gold Sarcophagus
(-1) Didn't mill in the End Phase.
(-1) Battle Fader card lore
(-1) Flamvell Firedog card lore

You were average good, and you noticed the two awareness mistakes you did with your cards afterwards.With the first it was too late, with the second you did it again so you will lose points for them.
First of all you removed a card from game with Gold Sarcophagus and you left it there for like 5 turns. You would have gotten a great advantage if you hadn't forgot that.
Secondly you said you forgot to mill and did the mill on my turn. Next turn i had to remind you to mill so be aware of the cards in the field every time on the duel.
Another awareness issue was that with Battle Fader. I special summoned him and didn't remove him from game. You should have noticed. I would gain a great advantage if i drew a Dark Armed Dragon or a Chaos Sorcerer.
The only ruling mistake you did was that with Flamvell Firedog. His effect states that to activate it you must destroy one card and send it to the graveyard . The problem here is that you attacked a token. Tokens simply dissapear from the field when destroyed, removed from play etc... so the condition of Flamvell Firedog to send a monster to the graveyard hasn't been fulfilled and that's why he can't get the effect.

Deck Build : (8/10)
Your deck wasn't very original but still worked good, you had the sarcophagus, your draw engines and your lightsworns to mill. In the last 2 duels, you didn't drew Solar Recharge , or Charge of the Light Brigade, and that caused you to lose the duel due to lack of speed. My deck wasn't the faster deck but i still manage to defeat you easily the last 2 games. Your deck lacked a bit of consistency but other than that it was great. Good job.

Using your Deck/Playstyle/Duel Control : (7/10)
The first thing i had to point out is that you used Gold Sarcophagus 3 times and 3 times you searched your Flamvell Firedog. Flamvell firedog isn't the big boss of the deck. His job is to be milled and then revived to synchro summon. You could search for Judgment Dragon , Reklinding or even Heavy Storm to prepare an OTK. Last duel you told me you side. You could search one of the cards you sided and gain the upper hand by concerning my monsters.
Another thing. You attacked my monster with Wulf instead of Thought Ruler Archfiend. If you had you would have gained Life points and also you would direct attack me with weaker monsters and that means weaker token if i had Gorz.
Lastly you changed your Lumina to defense mode for no reason! I didn't have backrow and you lost the chance to deal me more damage
Those were the main strategy issues i noticed, other than that you did great.

Total score this test : 22
Based on this i place you in :

Intermediate Dorm 2/3

With 1 Deck Used

Achievements :
Winner of Official Kaiba Corp Tournament (KC)
Winner of Battle of the Demigods V2 (KC)
Winner of Attribute Tournament (TDA)
Winner of Det's Shadow Tour (TDA)
2nd Place of Tag Team Tournament (TDA)
3rd Place of Teh Tournamento (TDA)
3rd Place in DA's YCS (DA)
Winner of 1 KC Live - (107)

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New Member
New Member

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PostSubject: Re: Test result for BERKAY   Tue Aug 10, 2010 11:56 am

What is this. I thought I'm in Blue Dorm. I'm not glad. I'll leave lol. I thought.... I hate you all. What is this result. I know I was better. :@

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Test result for BERKAY
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