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 Duel Arena Rules

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PostSubject: Duel Arena Rules   Fri Apr 06, 2012 7:38 am

You can arrange to duel with other SDA members. When you do, you can post your results here. That will affect your Duel Record, Credits and Experience.

Duel Arena Rules:
Duels here can only be 2/3 Matches. You can arrange for other formats (such as single duels) but you must mention it when you post.

Format of posting in the Duel Arena:
The winner of the match posts here first.
Th title of the post must read the following:
___ vs ___
where the empty spaces are, of course, the names of the duelists.
The winner of the match writes his name first.
The duelist who lost must then confirm the match, by posting "Confirm" or anything similar.

Duel Arena Rewards:
Every won duel will grant you 20 Experience and 20 Credits.
Every lost duel will grant you 5 Experience and 5 Credits.
If you duel a member who is of a different dorm than you are, you gain different amounts of Experience and Credits, explained later in this post.

Calculating Duel Arena Rewards:
If your rank is lower than your opponent's: you gain an additional 20% exp/cr for your difference in dorms.
If your rank is higher than your opponent: you gain 20% less exp/cr for your difference in dorms.

If you are confused by the "difference in dorms" term, assume the dorm you are currently in is 0, then count the dorms until you reach your opponent's dorm. F.e. if you're in Goyo , your difference in dorms with Exodia is 2.

The above should be better explained with an example:
Viola is Wurm Purple. She duels a Brionac Blue member, Tidus.
Viola wins.
She gains 100% exp/cr plus 20*(their difference in dorms)
Their difference in dorms is 2 (wurm, goyo, brionac) so she gains 140% of the normal exp/cr she would get, granting her 28 credits and experience.

In the exact same way, if Tidus won, he would gain 100%-40% exp and cr (60%), granting him 12 exp and cr.
Tidus lost though, so he gains 5 exp and cr.

Please keep in mind that you can only post matches and confirmations in the Duel Arena.


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Duel Arena Rules
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